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12v Cordless Drill

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  • 12v Cordless Drill

    Model number R82001 3/8th.
    I used this drill on the roof of a friends house for a superbowl party this year. When the perfect signal was reached in the house, I was off to the next project. Forgetting my Drill on the roof, It was returned to me just this morning, July 19th, Saturday. My friend approached me and asked if it was mine, I exclaimed, YES!!!
    When I took hold of it, it still had a charge!!! I knew it was still the charge becasue my friend doesnt even have a cordless drill of any sorts.
    I am totally amazed that your drill was not still charged but also it had not suffered any damage to the body or operation, even though it had been through a couple of snow storms, large hail storms, as well as multiple heavy rain fall and 100+ temperatures since May, June and July!
    In fact, it looks just the same as when I left it, other than the bit that is now rusted!
    I knew I picked a great product when I purchased it way back.