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18 Volt Battery Question "Recondtioning"

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  • 18 Volt Battery Question "Recondtioning"

    I bought an 18 Volt Ridgid combo kit at HD several years ago. It has worked great but the batteries appear to be at the end of their life. They are about 4 years old...I don't think that they are covered by the lifetime warranty. I just looked on EBAY and there are lots of batteries at a reasonable price but they could be years old. What got my attention were several peiople offering instructions on how to "re-condition" all types of batteries. Sounded too good to be true...does anyone know about this "Re-conditioning?"

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    Re: 18 Volt Battery Question "Recondtioning"

    The proper way to recondition a battery pack that's several years old is to open it up and replace the cells inside with new ones of the same type and spec. With older Ni-Cad packs you can actually in many cases find better quality than the original cells and make up a better than new pack. This needs to be done professionally. Many large battery dealers can provide this service or refer you to a place that does it. As for the eBay tricks, I would pass them over. Most will tell about dangerous ways to force charge the battery, discharge it fast and then force charge it up again.

    KABOOM is what happens too many times when you try this stuff.

    If on the other hand the battery still works but doesn't have much storage capacity (tool has short run time) try fully charging it with the proper charger, then put it in the tool and use as normal over a day or two until the tool gets sluggish. STOP - Don't run the battery all the way down. Next let it cool for a few minutes and then charge it up again. Do this several times and it may help. Ni-Cad cells don't like just sitting around and they don't like being charged over and over with only a partial discharge.
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      Re: 18 Volt Battery Question "Recondtioning"

      I hate to but if you registered the tools and batteries into the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement Program when you purchased your combo kit they will indeed be replaced at no charge to you.
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