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    Needed a new jobsite saw over the weekend so bought a 2410 or whatever the numbers are, I forgot and I am not going down to look, but it is the old 2400. Brought it to camp and anticipated a long night of putting the thing together like my 3650. I was pleasantly surprised to find the saw totally assembled on the stand. YEEE HA!

    I went through all the suggested checks in the manual and everything checked out fine. I read the entire manual, something I seldom do, and have a question.

    In the part of the manual where it explained how to do a non-through cut the manual says to rotate the blade to 30 degrees, remove the blade guard, return the saw to 90 degrees and make the cut. After the cut, reverse the procedure, rotate the saw to 30 degrees, install the blade guard then return the saw to 90 degrees. I don't understand why all the fuss. Why not just remove the blade guard when the blade is at 90 degrees and be done with it?

    When using a dado set there is no mention of all the tilting and removing the blade guard so why when doing a non-through cut?

    I called customer service, waited on the phone for about 30 seconds before someone answered and told the CS representative my dilemma. She couldn't figure it out either. She transferred me to someone else and I waited a few minutes and hung up without talking to anyone.

    I am confused about all the gyrations.

    One suggestion is that since the saw is portable, wheel locks would be a nice addition. I screwed some 2x4s to the bottom of my trailer as stop blocks to prevent the saw from moving while in transit.

    Another suggestion I have has to do with the manual. There is a lot of implied knowledge in the manual. Someone new to a table saw might not have the knowledge implicit in the manual. More detail might be in order.

    Maybe CW Smith could be tempted to delay his remodeling project and review the manual.
    Not for free of course.

    All in all I am very pleased with the saw. The utility vehicle works wonderfully well and is positioned so that the saw is well balanced at all times while opening and closing. The onboard storage for the fence, miter gauge, extra saw blades and blade guard are well engineered and a nice addition.

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