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Ridgid R82233 Right-Angle Impact Driver

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  • Ridgid R82233 Right-Angle Impact Driver

    I have owned this impact wrench for some time and never really found a way to make serious use of it until my wife and an interior designer she hired decided that our kitchen cabinets (which I installed several years ago) needed crown moldings at the top. The space between the cabinet tops and the ceiling was fairly tight and a conventional impact wrench would have had problems comfortably fitting in to secure the backer boards to which I attached the moldings to the cabinet tops. The Ridgid driver saved the day.

    I drilled the holes with a right-angle Ryobi drill and drove the screws in with the Ridgid impact driver. The device worked just fine, but I do need to make some points.

    First, the forward/reverse buttons are located in such a way that when you are working the trigger lever you can sometimes accidentally push them in and stop the function.

    Second, the unit is rather long and it is difficult to get the kind of leverage and pressure you need without using both hands: one on the handle/trigger area and one at the working end to keep the screw tip inserted into the screw head. This may not be necessary when driving hex-nut screws or allen screws, but it is the case with philips and common screws.

    Third, this is a 12-volt unit and it lacks the wallop of my two Ryobi 18-volt standard impact drivers. Still, in most situations (certainly the one involving the cabinets) the device has enough power.

    I recommend this device highly, but one needs to remember that it is pretty specialized and so it may not get much use until a special situation comes along.

    Howard Ferstler