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Ridgid Twin-Stack Portable Compressor, OF45150

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  • Ridgid Twin-Stack Portable Compressor, OF45150

    I have had this Campbell-Hausfeld built, oil-free compressor for several years and have used it in conjunction with my Ridgid and Campbell-Hausfeld framing nailers to add timbering to my attic trusses, build a fancy coffered ceiling in my garage, and add additional nails to the siding on my house. I have also used it to power finishing and brad nailers for assorted projects.

    The thing works just fine, although the oil-free feature does make it noisier than oiled versions. The calibration is perfect and I appreciate not having to worry about oil in the compressor section. It weighs 70 pounds, which makes it kind of awkward to carry around (note the single hand hold in the photo, which makes me think it was designed to be carried by Popeye), but when I did the work on my house I simply left it inside my shop out back and ran hoses of appropriate length (up to 200 feet) to the project. The one exception was the garage-ceiling project, where I had to keep changing from the framing nailer, to the brad nailer, to a palm nailer, and back. It was good to have the unit close by for those multiple disconnect situations.

    I cannot think of a thing I would change, except that maybe it would be a bit easier to live with if it had big wheels attached and had aluminum air tanks. Come to think of it, Ridgid now has one with wheels and also has one with aluminum tanks, but I think each of those comes with an oil-lubed compressor.

    Howard Ferstler