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R3030 handheld reciprocating saw

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  • R3030 handheld reciprocating saw

    I just thought this thing is just too cute and I purchased one.

    It has Nice carrying bag, very long and good quality power cord.
    Blade changing is amazingly simple, convenient and no tools are required. You can also insert the blade either up or down. The kit does come with three blades, but you can of course buy better quality standard reciprocating blades.

    Oh, another really nice feature is the dual LED lights that come on when you
    squeeze the trigger. They actually illuminate the cut area quite well.

    The saw is balanced fairly well and works well for us left handed folks. It also is not very loud! It offers a 3 year warranty and in the box you also get the lifetime service form!

    Now to the specs....

    0-3500rpm variable speed, stroke length is 1/2", weighs 4 lbs and draws 4 amps under load.

    Ridgid/Fuego has done a very nice job designing this saw. I will admit this is definitely not the tool of choice for demolition or similar tasks. But, for a homeowner, intimidated by the "real reciprocating saws", like Milwaukee Sawzall etc. This is the perfect tool.

    With a 4 amp motor you really don't have the power to muscle through as you would with an 11 amp Sawzall style. On the other hand in a tight spot cutting some 3/4 galvanized pipe or copper it's perfect. Building small projects or small demolition tasks this really fits the bill.

    This tool is going to become quite handy and I wonder if something similar can be designed for the Ridgid 18v line? The 18v reciprocating saw is fine, but a saw like the R3030 in a battery operated design would be wonderful.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: R3030 handheld reciprocating saw

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago. I must say this saw is brilliant idea. Within only a few days it's become one of the handiest tools to have around. This isn't just a cute gimmick or a homeowner tool. This is a very versatile tool that can get into places or make cuts that are just impossible or very difficult with a full size two handed saw. Being able to control the saw with one hand right up at the front makes it very easy to use and control in very tight spaces. The short 1/2 blade stroke also makes it perfect for tight areas where a regular 1 1/8"+ stroke reciprocating saw is impossible to handle without having the blade smack into the back of an opening. For less demanding cuts it's also a lot more practical the a standard recip saw. One free hand means it's free to hold whatever you're cutting easily.

    There are only a few minor things I find wrong with it. First is an adjustable show would be ideal. Since this saw is ideal for cramped spaces, regular recip blades still stick out too far. Second, the light, while bright, is actually kind of useless. LED's are usually ideal when they can turn on BEFORE you start cutting in order to find the exact spot. The led can't be turned on without the blade starting up. If your trying to use it to locate the exact cutting area the saw needs to be running. Last is the exposed switch. It's really big and comfortable but completely exposed. I set the saw down once and bumped it with a bucket I put down next to it and saw went off by itself. A trigger guard of some sort might not be a bad idea.


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      Re: R3030 handheld reciprocating sawnow 18v version

      Great news....
      But first....YOU WON'T FIND THIS AT HOME DEPOT!! it's available on E-bay
      Model R86447 I paid under $64.00 for it NEW.

      The folks at Ridgid have an 18v battery operated version of the R3030 reciprocating saw.

      Just about identical in specifications etc. Instead of a power cord you slide in an 18v
      lithium-ion or nicad battery.
      It's well balanced and runs and works quite nicely.

      Again this is a tool for light type tasks..don't plan to use this to demolish a deck or a wall!

      Bottom line, a nice addition to the 18v product line.

      Cactus Man

      It seems even Ridgid is unaware of this product!!!! I tried to register this thing on "this" website in my "dashboard" and
      I was told no such tool!!!! The model number never came up on the pick a tool window!

      So..I have in my hand a real Ridgid/Fuego tool, it has the correct model and serial numbers, It's orange and gray,
      It says Ridgid/Fuego etc.etc.

      Perhaps there is a division at TTI counterfeiting these tools?
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        Re: R3030 handheld reciprocating saw

        I picked one of the cordless models with a 18V LI kit. Great saw. Although I agree it might not be big enough for heavy demo work, it rocks for all the small jobs, I've been using it with a pruning blade around the yard for trees. Since I've gotten it I don't think I've had my full size cordless recip saw out of the bag. I registered mine as part of a combo kit and had no problem.