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18 volt Lithium Ion X3 5 piece kit

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  • 18 volt Lithium Ion X3 5 piece kit

    I bought the newX3 LI kit a week or two ago. I have to say, when I took it out of the package I thought it was quite hoaky. A light on the drill? WHY? That flourescent lantern? Dumb. I was rather less than impressed.

    Well that is until I used it. That kit made me eat my words. Mighty impressive to say the least. The light on the drill is pretty cool, and has been very helpful for me. The lantern flat out rocks. As an electrical contractor, I spend a lot of time in attics, and that one little lantern will light up an entire attic very well. I still think there is a place for a dedicated flashlight in thatkit, but the lantern has won my vote for one of the coolest new cordless tools I have ever had.

    The drill feels like it has more power than the 24 volt it replaced (stolen). I am happy the other kit got stolen, this new kit hands down beats that 24 volt kit.

    The reciprocating saw, well lets just say don't pull the trigger on anything you don't want to fly through. Wow does that saw cut. I had to put in a new ceiling light for a customer, and discovered the old gas lantern pipes were in the way (abondoned system). So I grabbed the new X3 saw and it cut through that black pipe so fast it suprised me when the pipe dropped out.

    All I can say is Bravo to the Ridgid designers that did this kit. You done good.

    Now I just bought the Ridgid jobsite radio so hopefully I can report as well on that. I am looking into converting it into a charger already.


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    Re: 18 volt Lithium Ion X3 5 piece kit

    Did you have problem charging batteries like many other people ?
    The battery charges for while but then you get error defective pack


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      Re: 18 volt Lithium Ion X3 5 piece kit

      My batteries have never had a problem yet. I use my drill as an electrical contractor all day every day. My batteries get recharged a couple times a day and they have always done what they are supposed to do.

      The very first time I went to charge them the first one flashed a defective pack, but I just took it off, put it back on and it charged fine.



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        Re: 18 volt Lithium Ion X3 5 piece kit

        Good for you !
        You got lucky hand picking the right box of the store shelf