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18v 4pc cordless combo

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  • 18v 4pc cordless combo

    The kit is just over 3yrs old now.While I registered the kit and sent in the upc and receipt my account does not say I have the LSA but I'm not complaining theres enough of that around here.Lets talk about the tools

    R845 Circular saw-The saw performed better than expected and has held up well and still works good.The included carbide tipped blade was sharp,cut clean and lasted longer than expected.At first used the saw everyday now seldom use the saw.All cordless saws are hard on batteries so 3yr old batteries just dont do well in the saw anymore.

    R844Recip saw-Great saw for light work ,Pvc and such.While its common with all brands of cordless saws the safety on the saw is quite annoying.The saw is still functional and performs well despite the abuse it has suffered.Tossed around in tight dirty crawl spaces,layed and even been half submerged in water.

    R849 Flashlight-I love this flashlight! Very ergonmic cant sit on almost any terrain and adjusts to put light in the area its most needed.Like the recip saw this thing has been very abused and still performs well everyday.

    R841150 Drill- The least used Item in the kit because of the next item.While I dont use it alot it fuctions well and has the features one would expect in a modern cordless drill.The T handle is a nice to have item.

    R84230 impact-Included in my kit was a coupon for a free impact gun just fill out the card and send it in.I expected it would take forever to arrive but the FREE promotional item arrived very quickly. The impact is awesome it has been used at least 5days a week for the entire 3yrs.Its one of those tools I will never be without again.The impact still works well and is still used everyday.

    The dual charger that came with my combo kit is very nice charging 2 batteries at a time is a huge plus.I like the fact it has a fan and the batteries are vented for cooling.< intelligent design feature. While I like the quick recharge time the price is wear & tear on batteries.

    The batteries have performed well and lasted longer than expected they are showing their age now but still work but its clear its time for new ones considering the cost of replacement batteries I may consider buying a new combo kit.

    Finally the bag to carry the tools in is a nice bag but doesnt function well as a place to carry the tools.Its like a jigsaw puzzle to get the tools in the bag and be able to zip it up.

    I have been very pleased with my 1st ridgid power tools.

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    Re: 18v 4pc cordless combo

    You should get ahold of me I have been in the electric motor and power tool repair field for 32 yrs. i am now self-employed and do warranty work for RIDGID poower tools for the past 5 yrs i know i can take care of ANY problem you have. RIDGID does have the best warranty and they want YOU to be HAPPY
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      Re: 18v 4pc cordless combo

      Danny, are Ryobi tools built by the same people as Ridgid?
      If so, same warranty? Can you work on them?

      Thank you.
      Have FUN! Joe ... ..... My Small Gallery: