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TS-3660 mini review (including my issues)

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  • TS-3660 mini review (including my issues)

    Not so much a review, rather what issues I am facing.
    In all, I can give 2 thumbs up on a well built saw.
    So fellows, my comments are not meant to bash the company, rather possibly get my minor problems fixed.

    Please note, I am a disabled person, that is just now getting to the point of being able to use my hands to push wood through a saw.
    (falling off a 5 story building will do that to you).

    Anyhow, I have not built the saw in complete, I still need to put on the power switch and the fence. (so more may be added to this thread).
    Total time to build would be about 5 hours, but I can only work for about an hour or 2 a day, as my disability gets the better of me after that. (to long of a story)

    Actually I have copied and pasted this mini review, as I can not type for to long, so a little at a time.

    Here goes,:::

    #1. No torque range for side tables (metal on bolt soft, as well table) bows where bolt is put in.
    Not a major deal, for me.
    My suggestion; machine a small round area for the bolt to sit flat on. Where bolt goes goes to on outside tables, on inner edge. So bolt will sit flat, and even pressure will be given to that area, stopping bows, and making a torque range easier.

    #2. My left (or rather what I call left, as there is no L/R) has ding right in the center of table mating surface, in my case, this could have only come from factory like this. This is not a major flaw for me, and although it is not perfect, I would certainly not want the company to spend there dime on a repair (should it be perfect, YES. But I am not a hard-arsse, and although I noticed it, I also am not analretentive)
    My suggestion; Better QC, as well double wall cardboard in box inside of styrofoam wrapped around ALL table edges with a QC checkmark (or sticker) on the cardboard.

    #3. Blade warped, although it is just outside of tolerances, yes I would prefer to have this fixed.
    My suggestion; Might just be a rarety, as blade should have been ok. But possible seperate packaging inside box sandwiched in between styrofoam with internal bumpers.

    #4. (this I called a rep at Ridgid, and got no good response, as well was disconnected-possibly by mistake. I did not have the time to call back and go through that again, at that moment, so I will call again). Nice size dent in cabinet directly on bevel degree marker, denting the cabinet and the bevel marker. Could have ONLY slipped by QC (I really assume this is REALLY rare, but happens.) Although it is mainly aesthetic, yes I would like it replaced. If it is not replaced, I would not personaly give a negative check mark on a star rating system, and I will still recommend Ridgid to my boat worker/wood friends. However a good story to tell them about customer service would be nice.
    My suggestion; As stated, this is possibly quite rare, so no constructive suggestion other than who QC'd my saw?? Otherwise fit and finish pretty darn good, packaging is quite well.

    #5. Bottom of miter gauge very roughly machined, and certainly would scratch table instantly upon use. Easy fix for me, as I will just polish the edges with my dremel (granted it will take me 2 days). So no fix needed from Ridgid in my case. But others may think differently on the quality of the miter g.
    My suggestion; 1 pass on a finer surfacing machine, and or a debur machine. (could be costly, but it is what seperates some of the best)
    On a good note: The surface of the table is so nice, it is a shame it will get scratched on every day use. Light machining marks, but after a few wax coats, it does help objects glide very smoothly across it. (I currently have 4 coats, LOL)

    #6. Table edges (including badly inner clamp area) all in need of deburing. I will fix (see number 5).
    My suggestion; (see number 5), could get quite costly to do every machine so it is clear where some area need to be cut away for cost reasons. Personally not a major deal, just use warning in manual that ALL edges may be sharp and can cut.

    #7. DC rather small port and not industry standard for a bench table saw, yes maybe a portable saw but not a stationary table saw (even with a, "around shop mobile base") Much easier to get a reducer for a 4" port, rather than an increase to 4 from a smaller port that has now lost size directly at table saw. Not a major problem, as I can just epoxy a 4" tube cutting out the 2.5" to get full effect direct at TS. Spray paint everything flat black and make it look like factory made.
    My suggestion; Consider this a standard update, and give away the correct size for those people that want it. Or add it as a upgrade, where buyer pays for shipping.

    #8. (sorry, that is all the typing I can do, will work on this tomorrow or later tonight..(after a couple pain pills) but yes, I have written down more...

    EDIT:: Please know, that all of my issues have been attended to through Tom, in Consumer Response.
    And I am happy to say, that my replacement parts are in-route.
    After finding the correct person to talk with, you also will get excellent customer support (if needed).
    It is just a matter of getting to the right person, sadly this can take some time (it took me 4 tries).
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    Re: TS-3660 mini review (including my issues)

    Another note on #5;
    There was ever so light surface rust just starting to form (barely visible).
    To stop this in its tracks, I used a boat cleaner wax. After that I used 2 coats of carnuba.
    So it is clear, I do not recommend this for everyone.
    Being in the boat finish world for quite a few years, I am comfortable with removing all of the wax, just prior to making wood cuts.
    Living in Florida with the humid salt air, I opt for the fullest protection on my equipment.
    However, if you do decide to go this route, please make sure ALL areas are stripped prior to any wood cuts, otherwise you WILL notice problems in your finish work.
    I suggest the use of furniture polish/wax (with no silicone).

    Heck, when I worked for a Corvette company, the owner BANNED us mechanics from using ANY silicone products. (it does travel) Since even if you spray it in one room, the next room over with finish parts (for spraying) would get fisheyes.
    Being also a yacht painter for many years, I understood perfectly where he was coming from. (but he was an arseee, to the max)


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      Re: TS-3660 mini review (including my issues)

      Apparently, I will not be getting my table saw repaired (even on my dime).

      So I called again, and spoke with another lady. Spoke of just 3 issues, 1 that I will pass on repairing (the belt).
      I was told that to repair the cabinet, that I would need to take the saw in, and have Home Depot order the part (that is not under warranty).
      Clearly waiting for a week.
      So, I said well fine, I will pay for the cabinet, ship it to me, then I will replace, and send back other cabinet.
      That is fine, EXCEPT. I was told that it is not a warranted item, and that is all I can do (I PAY, but will not get repaid).

      So I guess I will have to live with that issue.

      Anyhow, the belt (which I found odd) was already started to dry rot, with visible (to naked eye) cracks throughout the belt.
      Granted, it still is plenty strong, so I will consider this a user replaceable item. She said she would replace that, but why bother for such a cheap item, I will just go down to the auto store and get a serpentine belt that should have a crossover reference part #.
      Heck, I will just keep the belt I have for an emergency replacement.

      So, so far, the warrantied items are just cheap replaceable items, so should I even bother with sending in the warranty card.
      Jeez, if the motor goes out, I would have to take the whole cabinet to Home Depot and wait for a replacement, from what I gather over the phone (with reps.)
      But that is THE ONLY item I can see that the warranty is usable for.

      Please note: the items I am asking for replacement, have NEVER been used.
      Kinda makes me scratch my head???
      Don't most companies warrant the motor for an extended amount of time (if not, then that is all they would have to do, to have the same warranty as Ridgid)

      Will be picking up a A-Line deluxe kit, so I will check the fence, table, etc.. when it gets here.
      If ANY of them are out of whack, then I guess I will be better off just packing this thing back up, and getting something else.
      Too bad the SawStop is out of my price range, otherwise I would get one of those in a heartbeat.

      Hmm, so far, not impressed with CS. So without that, I guess I will stick with other companies, like Porter Cable (I need to pick up another router) as well I am now looking at bandsaws, can anyone recommend one that is not a Ridgid?
      Sadly my money is little and far betwenn (once a month) so the absolute max for a bandsaw is 300.00
      As well a jointer reccomendation, but that will have to wait for a couple of months.


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        Re: TS-3660 mini review (including my issues)

        Did I add that the belt is dry-rotted?

        Anyhow, I have had enough with customer service (what a joke).
        This last lady said that if I want my blade fixed, that I MUST send the saw back to HD (all 300+ pounds of it, I asked are you kidding).
        So I kindly asked to be put on with a Mgr., and was rudely put on hold.
        Waited 11 minutes, then hung up.

        I have seriously thought about just returning this thing, from the underwhelming customer support.
        Also, I have fixed the miter gauge, with a dremel and about 30 minutes of fine tuning, works great now.

        I do need some other tools, as I have well over 15K in mechanics tools, and now want to add woodworking tools. I usually stick with one brand, and was getting ready for a bandsaw purchase.
        But now I am thinking, NOT TO GO WITH RIDGID.
        Think I will get a Grizzly 14" Ultimate Saw. (read a lot of good reviews on it)
        As well, I need a surface planer, not sure which company to go with on this one, do like the look of the 13" Ridgid, but alas, that is a NO WAY.

        Sorry for the rant fellows, specially since I am ranting to myself.


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          Re: TS-3660 mini review (including my issues)

          Excellent, some replacement parts got here today.
          And WOW, what a difference on the belt, night and day difference.
          Clearly you can see the cracks in the other belt, they are in all ribs about 1/32 apart (and you can see that in the sealed bag)
          The new one is flawless. So I now have a spare belt when in a jam, cool.
          As well the bevel scale and a new blade got here.

          Not to bad, as you see by the dates, it took less than a month to get the replacement parts.
          So I am now a happy camper.

          On a side note: Rockler had sent me some clamps, one was damaged, it took them 3 days to get the replacement here.
          Now that is quality service.
          But in the defense of Ridgid, once I got ahold of the correct person, it took only about 5 days to get these parts.
          So it is all in, whom you speak with.