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R86007 vrs R86006 18v Compact Lith Cordless Drill

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  • R86007 vrs R86006 18v Compact Lith Cordless Drill

    I hurried up and bought RIDGID'S old, Consumer Reports "Best Buy" award winning; R86006 18v Lith Cordless Drill. The only drill/MFGer to offer a Lifetime Warranty, even for Batteries and Normal Wear, sold me over Ni-cad powered, or comparably priced Mikita BDF452HW , DeWalt, or Bosche drills.

    Here is what I like about the Old R86006: In a nutshell, The elongated Jacobs 500 Chuck and extended clutch; its longer length keeps you somewhat away from the work, so you don't have to resort to using extended bits as often. You can poke just the snout/chuck into a tight area without having to accomodate the whole bulk of the drill housing. I'm mostly talking about drilling form a more open area (for the drill housing) and your trying obtain access into a smaller cavity. There is something to be said for a more compact drill such as the R86007 when it comes to placing the whole drill into a confined area.

    The longer nose/chuck creates a better balance to the whole unit, although the R86006 unit (totaling 4.5 lbs.) is .2 lbs heavier than the new R86007, the overall balance of the R86006 makes its heftier weight difference all but inpreceptible. I can tell you from experiance in building Custom Fishing Weapons, that using a well balanced tool is far more effortless than using an unbalanced tool of a slightly lesser weight. Finally, the protective tapered metal chuck cap on the very end of the R86006 Jacobs 500 Chuck covers more of the chuck-tips surface area, incase you slip off a screw.

    The New R86007, just seems to have a new smaller transmission/chuck design, which is more compact, but that descriptive qualifier itself is in the name of this particular drill, no matter what model (06/07). The main drill housing appears to be virtually the same. The only negitive beef I have with the basic housing for either version of these compact drills is; with all this torque (450 in. lbs) You do have to grip it fairly firmly, and the gray rubberized grip area on the thumb side seems to be wearing/delaminating unusually fast.

    The tool bag/carry case that comes with the these units is nice looking but leans toward the disfunctional side. Form FOLLOWS Function. A well designed hard case would be better.
    Engineering some protective enclosures inside the R86006-7 tool bag itself to hold the drill, charger, and spare battery would be a great help in maintaining your investment, while allowing additional complimentary items (Drill bits and such) to also be transported/joshled without damaging the drill, charger, and spare battery. I made a dense foam housing for the spare battery, slipping that whole enclosure into a purple Royal Crown bag. I guess I'll soon be making a protecive tool bag housing for the charger, then then bare drill itself will be protected from damanging other necessary components.

    The redesign of the R86007 seems to be mimicing the compact Makita BDF452HW although the Makita still has the Jacobs 500 Chuck. The R86007 has a long way to go weight wise to match the Makita at 3.5 lbs. The Makita does not even sport the distinctive traditional Makita colors, that soon becoming dirty white housing looks like they are trying to hide the fact that it is a Makita. It does not even a bit clip on the drill housing. The Lith batteries that come with the Makita are 1.5ah, what is the ah rating for the R86006-7 Lith-ion batteries? I have heard conflicting reports from RIDGID tec reps, and Cust. Service indicating the R840084 batteries are 1.5ah and 1.4 ah?
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