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Compressor kit-broken before first use

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  • Compressor kit-broken before first use

    I just purchased the air tool kit with a compressor, 2 nail guns and a tool box.

    I put the kit together and left if over night, I woke up in the morning to find the handle for the hose reel has fallen off and was on the floor. I noticed the plastic that hold the handle in place is very brittle, and the remaining pieces fell off when I touched them. The display model at the store was missing the handle as well, making me think this is something that affects all the models.

    Has anyone found alternative ways of attaching the handle to the hose reel, I feel replacing the unit will only produce the same results.


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    Re: Compressor kit-broken before first use

    I have the same problem. The handle broke right where the pin/pivot is. If someone has a parts breakdown of this part of the case that would be most appreciated. I noticed that 2 display models have this same problem. Maybe there is a sturdier handle out there?