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  • Granite Top Table Saw

    Has anyone purchased the new Granite Top Table Saw? And if you did is it better than the TS3650?

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    Re: Granite Top Table Saw

    Lots of people have bought the R4511. "Better" is a subjective and relative term. The 3660 is a revision of a 60 year old technology that still deals with the issues of the outboard motor location. The R4511 has some design advantages with the cabinet mounted trunnions, full enclosure, riving knife, space savings, mass/stability, and a shorter drive belt due to the hybrid format with the motor moved inside the enclosure. The granite is not yet proven one way or the won't rust and won't warp. Most owners report positive comments about the has the bonus of being steel instead of aluminum, but it has 6" less capacity in it's stock configuration...some have moved the rails to the right to gain capacity.

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      Re: Granite Top Table Saw

      do a search. There is so much discussion of that saw that you'll get tired before you finish.

      "Better" is an opinion. It has some feature that are better: riving knife capability and more efficient dust collection, larger hand-wheels, cabinet mounted trunnions

      Some features that are debatable: granite top? More weight and can't rust....but you can't use magnetic stuff and it might have long term chip or crack problems.

      Some features that aren't as good: Shorter rip capacity, two piece fence rails instead of one piece.

      A lot of guys rushed to return their 3650/3660s so they could get the new one with the sale. Not me. I like the one I have and I'm interested in seeing some long term success of the granite. If it came with a cast iron top I probably would have went gah-gah like some others have.