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Ridgid SP-500P Sump Pump

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  • Ridgid SP-500P Sump Pump

    I wanted to replace my old pedestal sump pump with a Ridgid SP-500P. It states on the box and on the back of the instruction manual it has a Lifetime Warranty. I also noticed on page 6 of the operations manual it lists "Suggested Replacement Parts Schedule". Three parts are listed as follows: 1) Replace pump switch every two years. 2) Replace Float every two years. 3) Replace Motor every 5 years. When I called Tech Support for this product, I was told I had to replace these listed parts to maintain my "Lifetime Warranty" Basically, at the end of 5 years, I would have had to replace the start switch and float twice, along with the motor, at my expense to validate the warranty. What Kind of a "Lifetime Warranty" is that? There is nothing stated in the Warranty section that says I have to replace these "Suggested" parts in order to maintain the warranty. I was quite surprised to find out how much this "Lifetime Warranty" was really going to cost me for just the first 5 years. Basically I am required to replace all the potentially failing parts at my expense, whether they needed replacement or not. This seems like misleading advertising to me.

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    Re: Ridgid SP-500P Sump Pump

    Just get a good cast iron ZOLLER and be done with the mess. *&^%$ to the orange one.