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    Re: Warranty

    Yay! A couple of posts with a more reasonable tone.

    Heres the scoop. I do have backups, always have way more tools than I need but .....

    The fact remains that Ridgid had a warranty replacement (insert whatever term makes you happy) go down quite a while ago and still, after a couple weeks of messaging, don't seem to know its gone. You can read posts all over and talk to both tradespeople and service techs and constantly hear about Ridgids inability to ship product or even coordinate information. I do not blame the guy that answer the emails because they do not decide how to operate a company.

    Think back and you might remember some other companies that rolled over because they didn't pay attention.

    For you general fund of information, if Ridgid calls me I DO know where the tools go locally. I just thought I would see if any of them knew yet. And apparently they do not.


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      Re: Warranty

      Sorry - I caught this thread late, but I wanted to comment.

      Originally posted by Canucklehead View Post
      Kind of a Poll I guess. I have the lifetime warranty on my batteries. I had to collect on it and the depot wants your charger and tools so they can thoroughly check. I guess the fact that a few batteries work just fine and one doesn't isn't enough for them to not inconvenience you.

      So I live in Canada on Vancouver Island. Guess what, the depot went Kaput and the many Home Depot flogging Ridgid tools are NOT authorized to do a simple battery swap. I am supposed to obtain a passport, get on a ferry to the mainland, drive to the border, cross into Washington State and proceed to the nearest Warranty Depot. This is straight from the Ridgid people.

      Who thinks this is even remotely plausible? I can not even imagine anyone buying a Ridgid Tool if they realized they need to do this just for a battery warranty.

      What say ye?
      So, I'm presuming here that you didn't do your homework. If you live on Vancouver Island, there are many other options available to you:

      I did a Service Center search, centered out from Victoria, BC, with results branching out for 100 miles. So - is this "remotely plausible"? Your statement that there was only the one solitary Service Center reasonably available for you is quite misleading. There are many other options available to you, some on the island, and others in and around Vancouver itself. Yes, taking the BC Ferries can be a bit of a headache, but I'm sure you make other trips back and forth to the mainland for other things.

      If this is unacceptable to you, and the frustration of needing to go off the island for service is unaccomodating, then please do your homework before you purchase, as CWS mentioned at the end of his post. You're living on a fairly remote-wilderness island; you choose to live there, so why blame others for lack of services?