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    Will try to borrow meter to test sound level...

    I will try to "borrow" a sound level meter at work to test my Ridgid, then test a Bosch that another co-worker has. I'll get back as soon as I can.


    P.S. I Googled "Ridgid R4510 +decibel", and with one of the first few results I hit upon the 2010 Fine Woodworking "Tools and Shops" Annual Issue article re portable T-S's. Turns out they tested the saws for sound levels already. If you click the link, though, you're prompted by Fine Woodworking / Taunton to subscribe or pay for access to the article. Click on Google Docs link (where you might see "cached", or "similar pages" links) though, and you can view pretty much the whole article. See at or you can find the magazine still for sale through resale outlets (ebay, etc).

    The results FW listed were:

    Bosch: 92 db
    Ridgid: 99 db


    Craftsman 21828: 98 db
    DeWalt DW744x: 93 db
    Jet JBTS-10MJS: 95 db
    Makita 2705X1: 92 db

    Caveat...they rated the Bosch "Best Overall", and the Ridgid "Best Value".
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      Re: Ridgid R4510 / 4510 / TS2400LS / 2400 vs Bosch 4100 / 4100-9

      Has someone attached a featherboard to the R4510 rip fence? Which one and how to? Thanks.


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        Re: Ridgid R4510 / 4510 / TS2400LS / 2400 vs Bosch 4100 / 4100-9

        I rented the R4510 from HD a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty nice. Nothing to complain about.

        Just one question , why is there a recess in the table and in the insert behind the riving knife? I noticed i have to be careful when cutting a groove in a short piece of 2 x 4 so that i would get consistent depth on the cut. I have not seen this on any other table saw.


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          Re: Ridgid R4510 / 4510 / TS2400LS / 2400 vs Bosch 4100 / 4100-9

          Originally posted by rcxrc View Post
          It would seem you are correct. Ridgid does not advertise extension tables for their portable table saw, and only recommends using outfeed extensions / rollers. I am looking at some home-made options, though, as we speak. It would require tapping the two casting posts under the table by the blade and the two by the back left corner of the table, and perhaps drilling into the left end of the table, but I think it's very do-able. I'll post if / when I get around to putting something together. Bosch, on the other hand, does offer side and outfeed support extensions (as I mentioned in a post to this thread earlier).


          I put an outfeed extension on my unit that works very well. The side rails were cut from some left-over scrap lumber (painted grey) and the crossbar has a thick wooden dowel sheathed in a steel sleeve (a discarded part of a modified floor lamp). The mounting is strong and the workable table-support depth has been increased from 21 to 28 inches.

          Photos are attached.

          Howard Ferstler
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