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Rigid 3300 psi. model# RD 80763 comments

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  • Rigid 3300 psi. model# RD 80763 comments

    I recently purchased the Rigid RD 80763 after extensive research. As most of you know the two main components are the engine and the pump. This unit is very good in both components. The unit has the Cat triplex plunger pump with ceramic pistons coupled with the Subaru/Robin EX 21 engine.
    Below is a comment I found by a knowledgeable small engine guy who is also a mechanical engineer.

    "Let me share a little more detail about the Robin EX engine design. The Robin EX engines are true Over Head Cam design. The EX OHC engines are not pushrod actuated OHV engines like most other engines out there. The Robin EX series has a chain driven cam that resides in the head. Forged rocker arms ride on the cam and actuate the valves. The EX engine reminds me of a high quality motorcycle engines. Some of the other specs on the EX engines are: forged aluminum connecting rod, forged steel crank, forged rocker arms, double ball bearing supported crank, and of course a cast iron cylinder. There are some other very nice features on the EX engines, but the ones listed are some of the big ones. Anyone that knows engine design knows that these are some VERY NICE features."

    The Subaru/Robin is an extemely good small engine , coupled with a reliable Cat pump.

    I have used my new Rigid pressure washer for several days now and have had a chance to get the "feel" of it.

    I believe this to be a very good quality pressure washer that will be long lived with proper care and maintenance.

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    Re: Rigid 3300 psi. model# RD 80763 comments

    I have been researching this 3300 psi pressure washer for some time and all reviews appear to be somewhat favorable. However, something that concerns me is the fact that this particular model is being discontinued and home depot will no longer be ordering any. When I called Rigid customer service to inquire as to why the product was being discontinued, they were unable to provide a rationale. My concern is that before I make a decision to purshase one of the few remaining 3300PSI models, I would kind of like to know whether it was being discontinued for service issues or are they coming out with a new and improved model? If someone from rigid could respond, it would be most helpful.