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Air Nailer Combo R6903cfa

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  • Air Nailer Combo R6903cfa

    I have used this combo very little and treated it very gently.
    So far the handle on the air hose reel broke off in my hand when winding up the hose. The air hose quick disconnects on both ends of hose are broken. When I disconnect the air tools or hose the air keeps rushing out. Must be poorly made.

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    Re: Air Nailer Combo R6903cfa

    I have had quick connects get poor if you do not keep the tank drained and the moisture is passed on in the air. some of them will rust up and the closing plug sticks, I have one I have to tap it and then it will close down, (I need to replace it soon), I have had some quick connects work for many many years and some only last a short time and there were all the same brand bought at the same time.

    I really do not know any thing about the unit, but some days it seems like you have a plastic handles (guessing it is a plastic handle), and they will work for ever and and the next item it breaks or shatters instantly,
    even good things are not made that great any more it seems,
    I hope you get it figured out and repaired for a reasonable cost,
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