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Battery Replacement- A success!

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  • Battery Replacement- A success!

    So, with one particular battery, my charger was showing a full charge after about 10 seconds. After using this battery to put in two screws at a time before charging ( I wasn't at home, and my other battery was), I checked the Ridgid website for a qualified repair centre in my area, and called them.

    Sure, they say, we'll take a look at that for you, just bring in the battery, the tool it came with, and the reg. #. I did, they took the battery, looked at the tool, and gave it back to me to take home (the drill, not the battery).

    That was March 2nd. March 11th, today, they called, saying my battery is ready to go!

    I walked into the store, expecting the worst, that they couldn't find anything wrong, and they hand me a brand new battery. I get a receipt (of course marked 0.00$), and I walk out. I would say, definitely a success. If anyone is in the St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada area, A&A tool repair is a great bunch of guys to go to.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get my new battery into the system, in case it fails.

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    Re: Battery Replacement- A success!

    Ridgid customer service should be able to guide you in registering the new battery (1-866-539-1710)


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      Re: Battery Replacement- A success!

      Done, I called at 9 this morning (Saturday) and had to read my ID#, the serial # of the old battery, and the serial # of the new battery. Took all of 8 minutes, and the girl on the other end was super nice. Thanks Ridgid!


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        Re: Battery Replacement- A success!

        There you have it folks, the easiest way to register replacement batteries into your Dashboard(stupid name).
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