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Still waiting on my sawsal repair

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  • Still waiting on my sawsal repair

    I bought another Ridgid reciprocating saw a few years ago. I'm rough on sawsals overall and them breaking is nothing new. I've gone through saws from all brands. Right now for corded ones I have 2 Ridgids and one Milwaukee.

    On the newer Ridgid the plastic piece the controls the blade lock broke but that a minor issue so I never bothered to take it in for that. Then the bearings on the front started to go so I figured I'd have it send out for repair. I went to Home Depot to have them send it out for repair, A service offered for Ridgid tools when I worked there. The service desk explained they no longer do that for corded tools. After I walked the girl at the desk through the computer system I got a number for Ridgid warranty and called up to find a local repair shop.

    The repair shop is a little out of my range but not terribly so. I know other people who use them and I've never heard anything bad about their service so I am operating under the assumption they are reputable and have so far been honest with me.

    Taking the saw into them I asked what the turn around time on Ridgid tools tend to be. They told me Ridgid tools typically take longer then any other brands because it is difficult to get parts in a timely manner from Ridgid, I should expect a couple months.

    Well six months have gone by now. Clearing off my desk I found the repair ticket reminding me I still owned the thing. I called up the shop to find out what the deal was. They are still waiting on parts. Maybe they will get on the phone with Ridgid again and try to get what they need but this seems ridiculous to me. Why should is it difficult or time consuming for Ridgid's warranty shop to get parts? A few months without a tool is unreasonable to me, now its been 6 months. Why bother with a Ridgid power tool when my warranty experiences with every other manufacturer have been better.

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    Re: Still waiting on my sawsal repair

    Many other post's on this forum have indicated a great disparity in the quality of Ridgid authorized service centers. Some seem to be operating without making any investment in testing equipment or parts. It would certainly seem yours is doing nothing to help you. I suggest doing a search for other Ridgid service centers in your area(Ridge tool thread at bottom of page) and call them and ask if they have parts in stock. If that doesn't work, I would call Ridgid customer service and send the saw to them for repair or replacement. They would be required to do one or the other within a reasonable period of time.
    Good luck and let us know how you make out....Ray


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      Re: Still waiting on my sawsal repair

      I too have had the same problem. I have ordered 2 small parts for my compound mitre saw through the dealer btu they keep telling me that it takes a very long time for Ridgid to provide them with parts. I have been waiting over 2 months now! It is not much good to have a lifetime warranty to back your tools if in the end the part delivery renders the tool useless.