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  • 1550 Drill Press

    Went and bought a new 1550 at my local HD with a 20% off Harbor Frieght coupon to boot. I've been putting off this purchase for a while and was tired of loosing sleep wanting and needing a drill press for my little projects.

    Went together well. I did take the time to put about 3 coats of wax on all exposed metal. That was the most time consuming part of the setup. Head is heavy to lift on the column, about 80 pounds. Get help with this step if you need it, otherwise the rest was a piece of cake.

    There's a few dings and blemishes on the housing and metal pieces. Don't know how or why they got there, the box was intact and unopend. Packaging grease is all over everything, so that's another time consuming setback.

    All in all, works great, belt/speed changing is suprisingly simple. This is my first drill press and I'm still getting used to it, very pleased so far.

    9 out of 10, mainly for the finish defects, but nothing serious.
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    Re: 1550 Drill Press

    Thanks for the post and quick review.

    I've had my 1550 setup of about three years now and I really love this drill press. Mine is the older gray-colored model, which I purchased back in late 2003, on close-out when the introduced the new color scheme. Same designs and from what I've been able to observe, same build quality too.

    I looked at several drill presses before I bought the Ridgid and I've been very pleased. I'm sorry to hear that you've found some "dings"... I did not find any on my particular unit.

    I notice that you have placed your drill press in a corner. Depending of course on your projects, you may very well end up repositioning it so that you have some feed room from both the left and the right. I use mine mostly for carpentry and have added the Rockler drill press table and fence to mine; and, have positioned it so that I can feed stock across the table, thus being able to drill multiple holes all properly spaced from the fence. I've been building bookcases for the library and use pin holes for shelf support. The drill press makes that operation very efficient.

    Thanks again for your post,



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      Re: 1550 Drill Press

      Totally agree with the corner placement. It's just there for now until I can get a handle on the rest of the surrounding areas. My main project right now is cribbage boards, so for the time being I've got a very small range of motion to deal with, which bides me time until the DP can get put in the prime position.

      Very happy with the purchase all around, I would love to get a really nice fence/table for it like you have. When budget allows, that too will be on my list!