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WD1450 Vacuum and AM2550 Air Mover

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  • WD1450 Vacuum and AM2550 Air Mover

    I just had to write a review on these two items as hopefully it will save some of you some time and money.

    First: the vac
    Wow. This thing is AWESOME! It is my first wet/dry vac so maybe I'm a little biased but it's amazing. I've used it to suck up water, wood chips, sawdust, water, sheet rock dust, broken nails, water, concrete chips... did I mention water? Yeah my freshly carpeted basement flooded and my first line of defense was this vacuum. Plenty of power to suck roughly 16 gallons out of the carpet and pad. Emptying it was a snap with the optional electric pump VP2000. Just ran a hose out the basement window and it emptied the bucket in a matter of seconds. There's no way I could've hauled that thing up the stairs! My only advice is to steer clear of the optional noise reduction muffler VT2525 as it does NOTHING. It's not that loud of a vac to begin with and that little spongy thing just maybe quiets a slight whine but doesn't lower the decibels at all.

    Second: the air mover
    DO NOT BUY. As amazed as I was at how good the vac was I am equally appalled at how poor the air mover is. After the basement flooded I needed fans to dry out the carpet and a dehumidifier to keep it dry. So I was at Lowe's because they had a better dehumidifier in stock than Home Depot and I decided to save time and just buy a Shop Vac air mover there. I really wanted the RIDGID one as I am very brand loyal but the specs were the same but I needed it RIGHT NOW so I strayed. Honestly glad I did because it became apparent that one air mover was not enough so I happily went to HD to pick up the Ridgid model thinking I would take the other one back and just stick with the orange once the basement was dry. As soon as I picked it up I realized that this was a cheap knockoff. It's lighter and flimsier and even the speed switch feels like it would snap off if you weren't careful. Worst of all it doesn't blow near as much air. THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE. Running side by side you can feel the difference. Not cool. Literally. Honestly for 200 dollars I expected more air flow from either fan so in the end I will take them both back and buy a more powerful one online. But bottom line, the RIDGID air mover is junk and can't even compete at the residential level. Professional grade my foot.

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    Re: WD1450 Vacuum and AM2550 Air Mover

    Although I still believe the Ridgid air mover is a cheap knockoff, I did discover that I was mistaken about it being underpowered. See I just assumed that on the 3 speed selector switch number 3 would be the fastest speed. Apparently 1 is fast, 2 is medium and 3 is slow. Silly me.