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    I've owned several generators, they're a requirement where I live since power outages are common and the power company generally places a lower priority on my neighborhood in particular. I'm getting older and figured it was time to get one with an electric start and saw this one at the Home Depot ... cool 8000 watts electric start AND the removable control panel sealed the deal.

    Brought it home, set it up, Oil check, Fuel check, turn the key and nothing ... OK maybe the battery isn't charged enough so I pull started it runs like a dream ... gave it some time to charge the battery, checked the voltage and it looked good ... still won't start with the key ... hmmm used my trusty multi meter to follow the voltage from the battery ... just past the fuse there was no voltage ... weird the fuse holder was wrapped in bubble wrap ... take off the bubble wrap low and behold the fuse assembly is crushed... bummer ... not really worth loading the generator in the truck and bringing the whole thing back for warranty for a little $2 piece of plastic but still this is clearly a mfg defect ... nah off to schucks, got a water tight inline fuse assembly and replaced the defective one ... other than that one little thing I'm super pleased with the generator, nice clean power and runs over night on a tank of gas.

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    Re: 8K Generator

    The RD8000 is a great choice for the money. Bummer about the fuse holder, but to clarify, a broken fuse holder is not a defect. It was damaged by careless handling during either packing or unpacking. BIG difference between something that is damaged vs. something that is defective.

    Since you're going to be using it primarily as a stand-by generator, here's two suggestions to help ensure continued satisfaction: First, use Sta-bil in your fuel. Nothing will make you curse your generator worse than having it not run (due to stale fuel) when you finally need to fire it up. Second, follow the suggestion in the op's manual and remember to turn the fuel valve "OFF" when you're not running the unit. Carburetors can and will occasionally leak, and you don't want to try to fire up the beast just to find out you've got a crankcase full of gasoline.
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      Re: 8K Generator

      To add a little to the Sta-bil recommendation, I'd suggest you use the newer Sta-bil made for marine use. It's formulated to work better with today's gas and ethanol mixtures than regular Sta-bil is. It initially cost more than the regular Sta-bil but the mixture ratio is smaller so in the end it's a push price wise.
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