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  • LLSA complaints.....

    You whiners that keep complaining about Ridgids LLSA being junk and their customer service being sub par..... are just that whiners. I dont know why you have such a problem with Ridgid, to this date I havent had ONE issue getting things repaired. I even forgot to register a 24v kit and they asked for the receipt as proof of purchase and I was on my way with a repaired product. As for you that are crying about not getting things fixed, you must have an attitude problem that the rep on the other end of the line doesnt appreciate and therefore doesnt want to help you.

    Word of the wise, I use to work tech support for a large media company, and I will tell you this, you called me with an attitude, thinking you were God, I would usually not go out of my way to help you. Bending the rules was out of the question, and would follow strict company protocals. BUT, if you called me, with an understanding and calm mentality, one that realizes that things do wrong from time to time and that is how it is, I would help you without hesitation. Heck, if I could fit you in the same day due to a canceled appointment, I would, no second thoughts. Was that company policy, no, but in the end, you had a happy customer. The grumpy, I want it now, and you suck guy, even if I sent the tech out that day, would still be ranting to everyone how much we sucked. So, who would you help?

    So, to all of you whiners out there, listen to your mothers, you will get more with honey than salt and vinegar.

    Thanks Ridgid for your understanding of my failing to do the correct procedure, and willing to go the extra step to help out a fellow broken human.