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Ridgid R2601 random orbit sander

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  • Ridgid R2601 random orbit sander

    My DeWalt sander died! It was only 13 years old!
    In it's lifetime I did have a warranty service preformed.
    The speed control board failed! The technician indicated this
    was due to STATIC ELECTRICITY!!!!!!

    At the time I did not give it a second thought until yesterday.
    I was sanding a project and after stopping to inspect my work
    I hit the on/off button on the sander..[model DW423].
    Nothing happened..I troubleshot the failure and determined
    static electricity killed the control board again!

    I searched for a replacement part.. UGH! not offered!!!! I guess
    the sander is too old..and besides in 1998 the part was $50.00.

    I decided to say good by to an old friend and buy a new
    Ridgid 5" sander.

    I have the model R2601. I did not realize this unit has
    gone through a generational change! The carry bag for it
    is nice and I may use it to store my Ridgid 18v batteries...

    Before purchasing this unit I did a search here to determine
    if I should skip over to Porter Cable as now a days they are
    all made in china!

    I did read of static electricity effecting this unit too..It's
    obvious with soft start electronics and SMD devices static
    electricity is not a friend! So how come they do not provide a
    three wire grounded power cord????? OK double insulated..but
    a ground wire will control static build up from dust!!!

    This is a sander for goodness sakes...rubbing stuff causes
    friction!!!! [don't go there]

    Friction causes static electricity...static electricity destroys
    miniature electronics! Are the design engineers that stupid?

    Moving on......

    I really like the power cord length...again, it still falls short!
    How about selecting a power cord wire that is a bit more flexible
    and without a memory!

    The function, feel and weight of the sander is OK. I like the
    dust port connector allowing you to have dust collection options.

    Bottom far I'm pleased with the new sander.

    I have registered it for the LSA!!!! in my dashboard here.
    I'm also sending the required documentation registered with
    signature required so I know exactly when someone at Ridgid receives it!

    I also photocopied everything for my records...with the LSA
    program, I'm not going to worry about static electricity killing
    the control board FOREVER!

    Cactus Man
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    Re: Ridgid R2601 random orbit sander

    Some folks complained about the hook and loop plate
    wearing out prematurely.

    Well to reduce this challenge I have a stiff bristle nylon brush. I think the brush was originally designed to buff up hush puppies shoes.

    After I remove the worn out sandpaper, I gently brush the surface
    in both directions. Then I use compressed air to blow off all dust residue.

    The end result is a clean new looking surface that grips the new sandpaper pad 100%

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Ridgid R2601 random orbit sander


      Thanks for the post and good luck with your new R2601. I bought my R2600 back in 2003, not soon after their release; and I have had great luck with mine.

      I did have to replace the hook & loop base about two years ago, but I don't consider that to really be premature, as I have used this sander a lot. Over those years I can't begin to tell you how many feet of oak and pine this baby as sanded smooth, but I've gone through maybe a couple-hundred sanding discs, and I use them well up, before I change them.

      I live here in NY's Southern Tier, where winters are especially dry. When using this sander in the basement shop, I always keep it attached to my Ridgid 12-gal shop vac and the dust collection is great. Though there are signs of static-cling on the vac hose, I have had no problems with ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) with either my Ridgid 2600 or 2500 sanders.

      If I was to find anything to complain about, it would be the filter bag on this earlier model is a bit too porous. Outside it's not a big problem, but in the shop you can definitely tell (and breath) that too much dust filters through the fabric. (And that is why I started using the vac hose, always.)

      This older model came with a great hard plastic case, with metal latches and I see the new models have a bag. I loved the case, but as my travels have diminished, I just keep the sanders in a drawer and the case is now in storage.

      Again, Thanks for your post and good luck with your new sander,