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  • Ts3650

    I purchased a TS3650 from the Home Depot a couple of years ago and have been very happy with the performance of this saw at least I was untill this past weekend. For the first time I used the saw set at 45, what a disaster. The cut fought back and burned. After checking a few things out I found the blade alignment to be a way off. When I returned the blade back to 90 the alignment checked out dead on. Just to be sure I went back to 45 and sure enough the alignment was out by about 1/16th.
    Any suggestions from anyone.

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    Re: Ts3650

    The first thing I would check is to make sure that you don't have a sawdust buildup on the underside of the saw. If you do its possible that it could be causing some misalignment when you tilt the blade.
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      Re: Ts3650

      Thanks for your response, actually because it was the first time using the bevel adjustment other than tweaking the 90 setting I decieded to give it a thorough cleaning before I set it to 45. I'm stumped.


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        Re: Ts3650

        On mine, I found that when I initially had set up the blade to be parallel to the miter slot (i.e. loosening the trunnion bolts, etc), the trunnion setting was to the far left. That is the only way I could get it in line with the blade vertical. I found out later when I first went to full bevel that it caused my blade to skew.

        After having it about a year (I also don't do full bevels often so did not worry about it much) I decided to redo all my settings. I found that if I beveled the blade about 10 degrees and then aligned it to the miter slot, I was able to get the trunnion back closer to center, and it stayed true through-out the entire range. I also made sure I had the micro-adjuster lever on the back at center before tightening the trunnion bolts (all 6)

        Don't really know what the reason was, but it has stayed true now for almost 4 years. I do have to go in and blow the dust off the tops of the trunnion where it contacts the stops occasionally, as that does cause it not to go to full vertical and full 45 when sawdust builds on it.

        I had to redo my ZCIs because it moved the blade to right about 1/16th inch, but now works as it should.



        PS: "Left" and "Right" are as looking from the front of the saw.
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          Re: Ts3650

          Thanks, that's encouraging. I will give it a try.


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            Re: Ts3650

            Hi Pete,
            I have just spent the last week and a half battling with the same problem you are describing. If I understand you correctly, the blade alignment parrallel to miter slot is fine at 90, and then it goes out of parrallel when beveled to 45?

            I have a dial gauge that runs in the miter track and I measure a tooth which I set to "0" on the gauge near the front and then measure the same tooth rotated to the rear. Runout should be about 0.001 or 0.002. I then bevel to full 45 and the take a new "0" with the gauge at the front and then when rotated to the back it's 0.018+ off parrallel. That was killing me for a week on how and what was causing this and the remedy.

            I've found by searching other posts here, I believe Gofor had the winning solution, that the trunnions are not both level with the underside of the table - so that when blade housing is beveled this will cause the axis to change its plane in relation to the trunnion alignment. The trunnions should be parrallel. The solution is to shim either the front or rear trunnions so that they are both level and equally distant from the table top, and therefore the miter track. I did measure mine and found out to my great astonishment that they were indeed not level and that correcting this with shims the alignment is consistant at 90 and 45 and it holds its calibration.

            After several days of searching and trying out different remdies, this is the one that did it for me. Post #10, thanks Gofor!

            I hope this helps or leads you in the right direction.


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              Re: Ts3650

              you might want to check out this almost schollarly examination of 45 degree blade alignment done by davewoodwork, a forum member:


              post #15 has the corrected write up. although it was written for the 4511, a hybrid table saw, i did use it to verify the beveled blade alignment of my ts2412, a predecessor of the 3650 and a similar style saw. applying the methodology of the write up worked for me. HTH.
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