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R1020 7 inch angle grinder

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  • R1020 7 inch angle grinder

    My old faithful B&D 7 inch angle grinder has died, well the trigger has any way. Plugged it in today and it took off across the workbench and my shop floor like a rocket sled. Trigger is obsolete. ( this old girl has an all metal body, about 45 yrs old )

    has anyone here used the 1020 Rigid model ? I could find no review of this tool. It would be used for heavy grinding and with a wire cup to clean up welds and rust. Really want another old faithful.

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    Re: R1020 7 inch angle grinder

    No one here use this model?


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      Re: R1020 7 inch angle grinder

      I use a Dewalt version of the B&D Wild Cat 7"/9", but have been tool that Dewalt has discontinued the wildcat version,
      Dewalt is what once was B&D commercial tools were, (not that I think they have keep the standards), but a top of the line Dewalt I do not think one would go wrong,

      Below are the Miller and Hobart welder forums that they may be more helpful on a 7" grinder suggestion,

      I my self have never even seen the R1020 grinder.
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        Re: R1020 7 inch angle grinder

        I finally went out and bought one. To say the least I am very please with the unit. It is well balanced. the pivoiting rear handle is ok, not sure if I will use this feature much.
        It has plenty of power. Used in yesterday to smooth the egde of some flame cut 1/2 inch steel plate. I am 6 foot and about 220 pounds . I layed on it and the grinder barely slowed down .

        It also has a very good quality cord on it ( not stiff ) and it also has ample length.

        Would recommed this tool to anyone in need. If it lasts as long as the one it replaces , my grandkids will be using it.