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Third SP-500 Sump Pump in 3 years!

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  • Third SP-500 Sump Pump in 3 years!

    I've got a bit of a chapped *** right now and feel like I need to vent!

    About 3 years ago I bought a SP-500 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump from Home Depot. It was a good price and what I liked best was that it came with a lifetime warranty, which, to me, showed that Rigid had faith that this thing was going to last. About a year later my 3 y/o son decided to leave the hose turned on up against the side of the house and thats, of course, when the first pump decided to **** the bed. I got home from work to shin deep water in my basement and everything that was down there was just floating around. I went back to Home Depot to get a bigger, badder pump, but they told me about the warranty (I had forgotten all about it by then) and suggested I just exchange the pump for a new one. I brought the old pump back, they verified that the switch had gotten jammed up because of all the calcium in my water and warrantied it out. I was back home pumping water out in no more than an hour.

    Fast forward about a year

    This past weekend I started noticing that the second sp-500 was sounding a bit odd. It would turn on, then immediatly off, on - off, on- off THEN on and pump out the water and off. Then it would sit idle for a few minutes then on-off, on-off, on-off, on -pump water - off all over again. I pulled it up out of the hole, cleaned some of the calcium off from around the switch area, put some new grease stuff that the Home Depot guy suggested I use around the switch, then put it back down in the hole. This morning when I woke up the pump was turning on then off, on then off non-stop so I knew it was time to send it back, this time hopefully BEFORE it gave out and the basement flood....again.

    So I went back to Home Depot, pump in hand after work today, but THIS TIME I was told that "Rigid feels that their new products are far better than the older models, so they are no longer offering a life-time warranty, now it was 3 years." My options were to return the old pump and purchase a new one with the new, shorter warranty, or take the old pump back home and contact Rigid to have it serviced. Now, I'm in Michigan where the snow is melting at a fever pitch right now, so going 2 weeks (or however long it would take to mail the pump to Rigid and them mail something back) was out of the question. Hell, I had to bucket bail about 20 gallons of water out of the hole when I got home from work from just having the pump off for 9 hours! So no problem, I'd just do the return and exchange for a shorter warranty model, since 3 years seems about 3 times longer than pumps last at my house anyway. So I went out to the isle, grabbed the same model that I was returning and went back to the return/exchange counter. The Home Depot girl cheerfully returned out the old pump, purchased the new pump and told me that the price difference was $63.00!!!

    OK, WTF!?!?!?!? So basically I am paying MORE for the SAME PRODUCT with a SHORTER warranty? This reminds me of the TMobile commercial when the ATT guy says to the iPhone guy "sometimes you have to pay more for less"

    Although I felt it to be COMPLETE bullshit, they had me by the short and curlies, and it was either pay $62 for another polished turd that I'll be taking back in another year, or pay over $200 for another manufacturer's pump. Had I had the $200 on me the choice would have been a hell of a lot easier: This the last product of Rigid's that I will ever PURCHASE again.

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    Re: Third SP-500 Sump Pump in 3 years!

    i've installed hundreds of pumps and stock another dozen. i think the standard warranty for pumps is 1 year.

    don't know how any company can give a lifetime warranty on a product that will fail. honestly, 3 years is 3 times longer than the commercial pumps i buy and install.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Third SP-500 Sump Pump in 3 years!

      First of all welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry for your bad experience with Ridgid, but nowadays it's difficult to find anything that will hold up as advertised. Things are cheaply made and sold for top dollar. You can keep venting if it helps, but I don't know if any manufacturer makes pumps, motors and so forth that are rock solid and bullet proof.

      If you want to keep that basement dry I have a couple of suggestions that might help. First of all, don't put all your eggs in one basket by relying on one pump! Dig and form another pit if necessary but get in either a hard wired or battery back up. Next, get a water detection alarm, I saw one at Home Depot for $15 and mount in near the sump, at least you will get a warning if you're at home and things get bad.