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Home Depot Warranty repair stinks!

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  • Home Depot Warranty repair stinks!

    I'm another poor sucker out there that bought a Ridgid Pressure washer, the 3000psi model, I suppose I should have gone with the 3300 unit, reviews seem pretty goon on that unit but I didn't know the difference at the time. Being a home owner I figured 3000 psi was enough. It also seems that right after I purchased this unit the Home Depot made some changes on the pump on these 3000 psi units. I've tried to get Ridgid to explain why they made this change was there a recall or some other reason? They refuse to answer any of my questions regarding the changed pump. When pressed again & again they will only refer me to an "authorized service center"! The unit is supposed to have 3 year warranty. Just try to have it serviced under that 3 year warranty. The repair center will find every excuse in the book to blame any and all failures on you the operator! if it's the engine, it's caused by gas. if it's the pump it's caused by not properly storing it or leaking hose or gun or not using the pump saver in the winter or this or that excuse, they have every excuse in the book and an answer to everything I say! --> As far as I'm concerned it's the last thing I ever buy from Home Depot! I've spent a lot of money at their stores, no more! They stinking little "authorized repair center" has cost them a whole heck of a lot more than one pressure washer!

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    Re: Home Depot Warranty repair stinks!

    While I was reading your posting I kept asking myself what does Home Depot have to do with this? When I finished reading your post, I still had the same question. Home Depot is not a service center and most any type of product you buy, from axes to zoom lenses, the mfg. will require any warranty work be done by an authorized service center. All of the supposed "excuses" you listed are legitimate reason why a service problem would not be covered under a warranty. If none of their "excuses" apply to you then I would throw the ball back at them and make them prove that you did something to void the warranty. Good luck.
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