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New style 18v multi chemistry battery charger

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  • New style 18v multi chemistry battery charger

    Well, I was at home Depot this morning and saw the "new" battery charger.
    Model R840093
    I still find it odd as how the same item has so many identifier numbers:
    On the operating manual...R840093
    On the package...........AC840094
    On the sales receipt.....648846057736
    Similar number on the UPC code...4884605773
    Then on the rear of the package in a sticker...002019 1102
    Finally we get to the charger itself :
    Model R840093[140154001]
    A long serial number EA10522N010376

    Why so many numbers?
    And I forgot the 6 digit skew number on the Home Depot display!!!

    They run $49.99 before tax

    The unit is small, lightweight and nicely made.
    I did not open the unit to inspect the circuit board.
    It has a two wire cord meaning minimal power line filtering to
    reduce or eliminate radio frequency interference.

    This charger has some added features that may help us in properly
    charging our batteries. There is a temperature indicator where by
    if the battery is too hot or too cold the charger will tell you it's out
    of the proper charging temperature range...When the battery falls
    within the proper temperature range the charger will begin it's task.

    The LED indicators are very bright!

    Charging times are similar to the older models and depends upon battery
    condition. I estimate a Ni-cad 18v 3ah battery will take about 40 minutes
    and a lithium ion 18v 3ah battery will take 20 minutes plus or minus.

    The charger will accommodate the older styles 9.6, 14.4 and 18v batteries.
    Sorry guys I think Ridgid has abandoned their 24v line.

    This charger also has a "maintenance mode" This is poorly explained in the
    operator manual but I believe if you keep the battery inserted into the
    charger and after it has been fully charged the battery charger will
    enter an " energy saving mode" The charger will "periodically wake to
    ensure the battery is fully charged". We used to call that trickle chargers etc.

    A visit to the radio interference noise..[RFI/EMC]
    This charger is quieter than the older models. Remember in an earlier post
    I discussed the three generations of chargers. The third generation unit..
    the one with the "RIDGID" decal on the front is quietest of the three.

    This being the fourth generation of single battery chargers it is acceptable.
    The interference is obvious when a radio is 12" or closer to the unit.
    When you move beyond 18" the noise is gone...this is typical to most
    devices today....Place a radio in front of your LCD TV or plasma TV
    and you will be wowed by the noise..but as you move beyond 18-24" the noise
    generated is almost all gone. This is due to digital noise, switching power supplies
    and the displays. not much we can do about it.

    The charger has a smaller foot print and holds the battery in a vertical position
    instead of flat like the older models.
    The unit does not have a cooling fan..only the dual charger sported that.
    with the battery in a vertical mode the cooling openings in the battery are not
    blocked so the battery does not get overheated during the charging function.

    There is no warranty card in the package so you must register it here.
    The package says 90 day warranty?????
    My dashboard says 3 years LSA eligible
    So...what is it??????

    Finally the tree huggers must be happy as no trees in the USA have been
    harmed in making this product! our air is clean.....
    Now in china they have no trees so the tree huggers are happy again but
    there was pollution during manufacture but's not pollution here
    in the USA so the earth is saved! anyway it's made in china surprise!

    Cactus Man

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    Ridgid Warranty coverage explained

    I just spoke with a Ridgid representative this morning at Home Depot.
    Here is "his" interpretation of the Ridgid warranty policies:

    1. All the products have a 90 day no questions asked return policy.

    2. ONLY complete kits presently are covered by the LSA option. This may
    include some individual products if specifically indicated. for example,
    A drill with a battery and charger included.

    3. Only products that include the LSA registration form in the package are
    applicable. The LSA form will be included with the specific product. Home
    Depot no longer has the LSA application form hanging by the tools.

    4. Individual batteries, chargers etc all offer only the 3 year warranty.
    Chargers and batteries included with "kits" are the only ones
    included within the LSA agreement when registered.

    5. Locally in Phoenix metro there are two authorized service centers.
    The bad news is they do not stock much Ridgid repair inventory
    and delays can be as long as 4 months in some cases!!!!!

    6. He was not sure about this but...only Ridgid products purchased
    at Home Depot are applicable for the LSA coverage. He said this is
    some sort of exclusive agreement with Home Depot.

    7. He also commented about this reflector as it's not gospel. The reflector,
    customer service [800 number] and Home Depot are not all in the same!
    Home Depot will only honor the 90 day return policy!

    The 3 year warranty and LSA process are directed to Ridgid.
    The "Dashboard" is only a means for the end user to keep track of their
    Ridgid tools and provides some information when processing any service

    I asked him why the Ridgid reflector does not introduce "new products" instead of
    relying upon word of mouth when a new product is introduced? I also asked why the
    reflector section that shows tools does not always include operating manuals?
    I also asked why Home Depot does not offer the complete line of products where by
    many go to E-bay to purchase them?

    He was vague but indicated shelf space is at a premium and expensive thus dictating
    what they offer. He said the cost and time for the products listed on the reflector are
    also limited.

    I ended by asking why Ryobi seems to have more "stuff" offered...He explained the
    Ryobi product line is geared more for the homeowner than the professional tool user.
    Home Depot moves a lot more Ryobi product than Ridgid product.

    I pointed out the new Ryobi 24 battery [$119.00] that can also fit the 24v Ridgid
    Max select products..he was surprised and indicated he did not even notice the new battery or the fact it can fit Ridgid tools!

    Cactus Man


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      Re: New style 18v multi chemistry battery charger

      "I ended by asking why Ryobi seems to have more "stuff" offered...He explained the
      Ryobi product line is geared more for the homeowner than the professional tool user.
      Home Depot moves a lot more Ryobi product than Ridgid product."

      How would he explain DeWalt having more stuff on display and more tools, don't they cater to the professional tool user? DeWalt serves the professional by offering a quality tool and a wide range of tools in their cordless line.

      Common sense tells me if Ridgid is not competing with Ryobi, then their competition must be with the likes of DeWalt. That said, what options does a professional who needs a cordless grinder/cutoff tool and cordless heavy duty 1/2" impact wrench have when shopping at Home Depot? Survey says, only one option DeWalt, because Ryobi is for the homeowner and Ridgid does not make such tools.


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        Re: New style 18v multi chemistry battery charger

        I did not want the conversation to become confrontational,
        besides he was the Ridgid tool rep not a Home Depot manager etc.
        He also started indicate his time was limited so the conversation did end nicely.

        He had other stores to go to and was not paid to have long chats with customers.
        I suspect he was frustrated as what we discussed was not the first time he heard it.
        Finally he has no authority to change anything and is simply the sounding board.

        You may want to ask the next question..."how come only a few
        Home Depot stores carry the HILTI line of tools"????

        Keep this in-perspective...Home Depot and Lowe's are advertised and
        intended to be "home centers" the key here is home for homeowner.
        With the decline of real lumber yards etc the professional have found them
        useful and convenient Thus they have adjusted their model and offer
        some pro stuff....and now the plumbers will chime in complaining about the
        junk that is offered etc.

        Ace Hardware is another example..They carry everything from A-Z
        but you won't see a pro carpenter buying a sheet of plywood there!
        A homeowner may buy a piece etc.

        This is a discussion that will likely never end as besides it being emotional it is not something we can control. The "powers-to-be" make their company decision and
        more times than not never survey their customers.
        Ham Radio manufactures come out with new radios and typically never listen to
        user input regarding bells-whistles- placement of controls etc...

        So, we research the market and purchase what is closest to our needs and desires.
        If one tool maker made exactly what we want there would be little competition
        and we would all be paying a premium.

        Regarding the cordless grinder and impact driver, other than wanting to keep all my cordless tools to use the same battery I'd probably go with the real tool provider
        like Milwaukee even though they too are made in china.

        Cactus Man


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          Re: New style 18v multi chemistry battery charger

          Milwaukee is a cut above and if was going to put a cordless impact wrench to task it would be high on the list. Here I am ready to buy the Ryobi model since it is inexpensive, sufficient for my needs and I already have a couple of their lithium batteries. What bothers me in this scenario is how well my other Ridgid tools have held, and how well made they appear to have been built. I figure how can they lose by expanding the line with the tools I mentioned. I would even forego the LSA to get a tool which is a step up from Ryobi without going to a Milwaukee for example. I have used Hilti on the job and at home for almost thirty five years, nothing came close in build quality, performance and durability. I wonder if they are being made in china now as well? Plenty of folks were proud to buy and wear Carhartt clothes thinking they were still made in the USA, not anymore.