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Watch out for this on 1/2" X2 Drills!!

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  • Watch out for this on 1/2" X2 Drills!!

    I purchased the 14.4V X2 1/2" Drill, and returned it 9 days later... it was ruined! As it turns out, they were out of 14.4s, so replaced it with the 18V. Here's what happened... I had just completed drilling a hole through a floor joist, using an auger bit, so had the drill in reverse, to back it out of the hole. The speed selector switch hit the next joist over, and tried to switch from 1st gear to 2nd while the drill was running. This totalled the gearbox in about 2 seconds, so that the drill would no longer go into 2nd gear. After inspecting the drill, I noticed that the switch selector protrudes beyond the surrounding drill housing. I e-mailed the good folks at Ridgid to recommend that the switch be made smaller, or the surrounding housing altered to protect the switch. On my replacement drill, I took a sharp chisel and shaved the top of the switch so that it can't contact any surrounding objects. Other than that, the drill had tons of power, the battery lasted for more than a day, including some heavy drilling. Overall, I'm very impressed, just be careful of that switch!!

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    I like your idea of altering or building up the surrounding area around the switch. I prefer the RIDGID's design of the raised nub for changing speeds over the recessed thumb slide design that came with my DeWalt. The slide switch design is a real pain, especially in cold weather with gloves on.
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