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my Ridgid vs Dewalt sander/drill

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  • my Ridgid vs Dewalt sander/drill

    I recently bought the RIDGID R7000 drill and R2600 5" SANDER, as i use these tools everyday.But ive always bought Dewalt for my smaller tools. So this is first time ive been able to compare the two side by side, hands on.
    The prices are almost the same ,only differ by a dollar or two, but RIDGID just offers more features for the same price, more attention to detail.the ridgid drill has a much longer cord,self contained cord strap,indication light on plug, continuous drill button, metal chuck instead of plastic , more amps(and that little extra is a difference you can feel),and IMO much more comfortable with the index finger slot on both sides.heck i even like the case better.
    The sander compared to my dewalt DW421, IS LIKE NIGHT AND DAY.I cleaned up my dewalt and put it back in the case and stored it away as a back up.once again more amps,its variable speed which is the biggest thing for me,easier on/off switch,much , much ,much better grip. the dewalt would give my hand a cramp after awhile.Same cord set up as drill , came with an extra base pad which is a big plus.
    On the dewalt sander i do like the way they connect the dust bag better than ridgids design. When you lock the dewalt in its solid.The ridgid is screwed in and seems like down the road it would be a problem. But , i like ridgids side location much better.
    Hands down (IMO) RIDGID spanked dewalt with these two.But the one thing is that ive used and abused these two dewalts, and they still work "fairly" good.Now i just have to see how long i can use and abuse the ridgids.
    \"practice is like farting; only you can do it yourself\' and no one can do it for you\"-sawaki kodo (zen master)