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    Just took my "new to me" 2400 out for a spin today and the saw performed very well. Maple cut easily with the new thin kerf blade I installed....very impressed!

    The Work and Haul-it stand is very handy and quick to set up...I recommend this combo for anyone needing a portable saw and wanting the accuracy of the bigger saws.
    Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>

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    thought maybe you would have a picture of it on your site! been thinking that saw might be more convenient for me right now in this location, except for a couple of things, the price number one, and number two, I sure would like to have the 3612!

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      I'll take a pic of it in a few minutes and send it to you...send me an email fromt he site and I'll return the pic to you directly. It's a great little saw....much better than the Delta it replaced. The guy I bought it from replaced it with the 3612 in his shop.
      Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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        If you don't mind my imposing I'd like to ask your opinion between the two saws (2400 & 2424). I'm on the verge of my first saw, but just can't make up my mind. If I could get your views on below it would help me work through some issues I have in my decision.

        For the following cuts which saw is adequate to do an accurate quality job given the operator is capable. Assume a quality blade. And adequate meaning the saw will make the cut safely.

        Squaring a 24x60 inch plywood panel. That is you have a 25x61 rough cut with one straight edge. Which saw will allow you the most accurate and consistent cut to finish size?

        Ripping and resawing a 2x6x8 fir to 1x3x8

        Using a crosscut sled (Is the throat on the 2400 really big enough to use a sled?)

        Using a miter sled (45degree)

        Dadoing ¾” ply

        Which saw would require additional out feed stands or tables the most?

        My real concern on these cuts is accuracy of the saw and vibration. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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          That's an easy're goingt to waant to buy the 2424 hands down. The 2400 is great for the jobsite, but doesn't have the capacity or the vibration damping you're going to want.

          Yoiu could get away with doing all this on the 2400, but it would be a lot easier for all operations on the 2424. I use my 2400 on the job for ripping and crosscutting trim boards almost exclusively. When I bought my first one, I thought I could use it at home and on the job, but immediately changed my mind and took it back and got the 2424. Then, I bought a cheapo Delta for work....hated it the entire time I had it...way too much vibration. The 2400 is much smoother, but still has less stability by far than my home saw.

          You'll appreciate the extra cost down the road, I sure have...the 2424 is the smoothest saw I've ever worked on!!
          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            Thanks. I just have to figure out the space footprint issue. Too many other requirements for the garage space. [img]smile.gif[/img]