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    I am in the market for a 12' sliding compound miter, can anyone give me some feedback on the Bosch saw ? Rigid looks pretty good I know that the bosch has a 25and1/2' table and that bosch is supposed to be good stuff and thats all that I know. please help, thanks Cecil

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    I have never used the Bosch 12' Miter saw, but I do own a few Bosch power tools. I also have owned a few Miter Saws.

    Bosh electronics are very good. I would expect the CMS to have the same quality.

    Which model are you interested in?

    What are you goals owning a CMS?


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      Hello Desmo888 I was not sure which saw I really wanted I frist thought that a 12" cms is what I wanted till I posted in a new spot under power tools and one of our good neighbors told me that the differance between a 12" & a 10" scms may not be worth the differance in price . Then I deceided to go with the 10" .Then another good neighbor informed me that amazon.con had a 12"cms for $222 delivered so I checked it out and that really sounds good.So the question I need to ask my self is do I need the 10"scms or can I get by with the 12" miter saw .Then I need to ask myself what is the differance between what I want and what I need


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        I use a Hitach FHS 10. It is super accurate, fully adjustable, small, lightweight, powerfull, and the laser marker was dead on right from the factory (adjustable as well).

        I chose the 10" SCMS becuase I have a 10" table saw and I only have to purchase one size blade that can be used on two machines.

        I have purchased from Amazon before. My advice is to make sure you are totally aware of the product you are purchasing. Be positive, absolutely positive that the tool you are agreeing to purchase is what you want.

        From time to time, BOSCH makes improvements to tools, but does not change the product ID. For example: I purchased a BOSCH Router from Amazon recently. Last years 2.25 router had an aluminum casing, but this years has a magnisium casing. The product id did not change, just the serial number series. I saw the low price on the net and took the plunge, but did not get the new one. Still a great router, still a great price.

        Caviot Emptor!

        What other power tools do you own? What type of projects are of interested to you?


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          I have a Hitachi 10" table saw, Dewalt circular saw , several differant PorterCable saws and sanders and so on .Right now I am in the process of redoing my mothers house .It is a 90 year old that has not had the care it should have, so at this point I have reroofed,replaced several floor joices, a 10' section of seal , removed some plaster replaced with sheetrock and added some chair rail in the dining room and installed a larger crown in dining and living room.Next I will be in the bath up stairs then the two bedrooms upstairs the walls are so rough that I've been thinking about spraying them with sheet rock mud through a hopper like what you would use to spray a popcorn ceiling with then maybe she can sell the place. Cecil


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            You need to be cautious when switching blades between a 10" SCMS's and TS's. SCMS's work best with blades that have a negative hook angle and TS's are much happier with a positive hook angle blade. It's true that both saws use the same 10" size blade but the design of the preferred blade for each saw is quite different.
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              Thanks bagerdave that is something that would not have even crossed my mind .


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                RIDGID has gone back to the Lifetime warrenty, including normal wear items such as batteries.
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                  Thanks papadan that is some good info. Do you think rigid will stick with it ? Cecil