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  • Ridigid Lifetime Warranty

    Do not fall for Ridgid's warranty promoses. They could break any warranty just as they did break their LIFETIME WARRANTY they once had on their tools. I have owned a Ridgid TS2424 table saw with LIFETIME WARRANTY for four years and was happy with it untill I started doing fine woodworking when I realized the arbor on this saw is not aligned even when new and other users have had the same problem. Ridgid has admitted to the arbor problem and has committed to cover the repair cost, but parts are not available for this model any more. Ridgid has been giving me inconsistent answers for the past two months and they are not repairing or replacing the saw, they wanted to replace the table saw with the portable saw!!!! They do not want to replace it with the comparable saw since it is more expensive!!! Since I rejected the portable saw they have been giving me the run-around, hoping that I would disappear. Consider this if you are contemplating the purchase of any Ridgid power tools. Be aware that you are not buying the best quality and definitely are not getting any reliable service with it.

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    A lifetime warranty means "Lifetime" I was very impressed with the response I initally got from Ridgid customer service. They immediately took care of some minor probles with my table say. If they can't fix, then trhey should replce it with the next higher model available. If they don't stand behind their products then it's time for other measures. I took out a loan of $4000 to buy tools while tyeh were offering the Lifetime Warranty. I real nervous about them NOT standing by it now.


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      what the h#*! is up with the clutch in the cordless drills? I'm mad as h#*! I'm now going on my fourth replacement I can't afford to have these drills go out on me in the middle of my job, it costs me time and money, and the sad part is is I can't even get rid of it cause everyone knows about the clutch problem. My 12 volt out performs most 18 volt dewalts when it's working but when it only lasts for a day or four what the h#*! is it worth. I have many Ridgid tools and swear by them but not the cordlesses. Will somebody please fix these d#*! things so I can get back to work!!!!!