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  • FlipTop

    Saw a fliptop today in a HD. Of course I had to take it out of the display, set it up and play. VERY NICE. The only concern I have is the locking pin. It is pushed through a hole in th emetal frame and then through a hole in the plastic tab under the top. I saw brokage It doesn't look like it would take much if the pin was in to lock the top for something to fall over on it (hmmmm sheet of plywood maybe) and break that plastic tab rendering the fliptop with no lockage.

    this was my observation. Great idea, tad short on the follow thru. (ps I will still buy on though, it is definitely not a show stopper.)
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    I have been using a flip-top in my shop for several months without any problem or breakage. I like it much better than a roller for catching large boards and plywood from my table saw. It doesn't try to "steer" the cut pieces.