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AC 1098 Dust Collector

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  • AC 1098 Dust Collector

    I just bought this from one of our local HD's this week and installed it this morning. It went in very easily and after testing with my Ridgid shop-vac, it worked very well....I see a lot less sweeping and vacuuming after ripping operations. I was considering a dust bag from Woodcraft, but I saved at least $10 and got a better product. I would highly recommend this product to everyone that has a Ridgid table saw (or even other contractor saws that have the same size leg set).
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    Where did you buy this and is it made by Ridgid for the TS3650 saw?


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      There is no need for this system with the 3650. The 3650 has a dust shroud that you can hook up directly to a shop vac or a Dust Collector.
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