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  • Ridgid 4 pc kit

    I have owned the ridgid kit for almost 4 months now. On the side of them being too heavy, I thought they seemed pretty well built. When holding a Dewalt cordless and a Ridgid you would think the Dewalt would break down first.
    Needless to say, in less than 4 months the sawzaw was the first to have problems. The saftey lock had broke and I was unable to pull the trigger for full power.
    Then shortly after that, the selector on the drill was stuck and would not move. Eventually though it started working again.
    Now, my charger has gone out.
    The only thing that has lasted with no failure was the cheap flash light they give you and the Skill saw.
    I can't even back Ridgid up against my friends at work, because another coworker of mine had bought the Ridgid kit also and is having similar problems. His charger has gone out and he had troubles with his sawzaw which cost him $25 to fix because they said whatever was the cause was not a manufacture deffect.
    Then in order to get something fixed under warranty is a complete nightmare! Not only do you expect to almost never get the tool back in your first lifetime, but they hassle you and try to find some excuse as to why it's not covered under warranty.
    All I can say to Ridigid is you need to take better care of your customers. People were already skeptical about your power tools and after this experience, I will for sure not recommend your power tools to anyone in my trade or trades working around me. You just don't compare to Dewalt. And for as heavy as you make these power tools, you would think they could outlast a dewlat kit in my field or work as a contruction plumber.