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Ridgid cordless circular saw

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  • Ridgid cordless circular saw

    I bought the 3pc set this last spring. Has worked wonderful.

    Sometime in August I was roofing a house and had the saw on the roof to cut plywood. As everyone can probably imagine what happened, damn thing slide off the roof(22' drop). My brother and I laughed it off thinking the saw was a goner.

    Climbed down half hour later to find out what had happened. I noticed the saw was bend up and the battery had come loose. Popped the battery in place, to my dismay they both still worked. Had to adjust the to the max depth to cut straight, but no problems since.

    I haven't fixed the saw yet but I have been using the saw and battery since with no problems.

    I would say I am very pleased with my Ridgid purchase and plan to purchase more tools from Ridgid.

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    Sounds like what happened to me, I let a friend use my NEW 18 volt drill, he dropped it from a 10 foot ladder on to concrete........NO DAMAGE. I couldnt believe it, still works as good as when I bought it.


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      Duits. That is funny. The same thing happened to me a week ago cutting the eve off of my house to frame up an addition. The great thing that happened to me was that not only did the saw not have any damage, but it landed on my neighbors cat that has been pissing on my boots when I leave them on the front porch when they are muddy sometimes. Knocked him clean out. Bad thing was he woke up after a few. Bummer.
      \"Somewhere between the computer plans and picking up a hammer, something goes terribly wrong...\"


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        Best I heard

        Great story Ridgidnut ! LMAO !!!