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    I recently bought the Ridgid Bandsaw, I like the saw and don't find a lot of fault with it except in one area..It is a real pain to change blades on. This is the second b.s. I have had, the first was a shopsmith, it was a fair bandsaw except the bearings started making noise almost immediately and their so called engineers didn't have a clue...sorry, got off track. The good thing about the shopsmith was that I could change blades in just a minute or two, you didn't have to take the table etc off just to change the blade. I use a 1/4 blade probably 85% of the time and the rest of the time a 1/2 resaw but I don't really like it being a time consuming chore just to change blades...One suggestion I read on a forum was that the guy just left his 1/4 blade for everything including resawing! With all this said I do like the rest of the saw.

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    Uh, Sliver?

    I will confess to having spent essentially zero time looking at that model of saw, but remove the table to change blades? The manual on-line has the blade change instructions at the bottom of page 18, and as I would have expected has nothing about table removal.

    Perhaps you will like this machine even more?



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      MR DAVE!!! a mind is a terrible thing to waste and apparently mind is wasted...I would have bet money that I read in the instructions that the table had to come off! What is scary is that I am still fooling with these things with sharp edges!!My apologies...sometimes I surprise myself!! I do however have another question, maybe not quite so stupid this time! The top adjustment knob for tension appears to have a roll pin, can that be removed? I would like to make a crank instead of trying to turn that knob. Also wish Ridgid would make one of those quick tension levers for a working mans pocketbook...
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        I have the bandsaw, and it's a nice piece of equipment. Gets alot of tension on the blade.
        Time consuming to change blades, but you don't have to remove the table, just the insert. A little flipper is under the table is tricky on thicker blades to deal with.
        I added the riser for wider resawing.
        My only complaint is the motor is too small.
        I bog it down too easy. When she goes, it gets a bigger Emerson Motor!
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