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Ridgid vs. Porter Cable Circular Saw

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  • Ridgid vs. Porter Cable Circular Saw

    What a difference, the Ridgid Circular Saw makes the PC look like junk! The PC will bind up and hum if the workpiece pinches the blade, the Ridgid will not slow down for nothing. It has the torque similar to a worm drive, amazing. The motors on Ridgid tools are VERY strong!

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    That was more comment than review. Tell us what method you used to come to your conclusions. Same blade or different? Same material, use a straight edge, same power cord, new Ridgid/old PC or similar age, etc.? The more variables that are accounted for, the more credibility your report will have... If the Ridgid circ saw is top dog I want to know it. If you've done a useful comparison, don't dilute it by leaving out the objective stuff.


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      With all due respect, I have to comment on your evaluation. If the work is pinching the blade, you are misusing the tool and it's only a matter of time until you really hurt yourself. The fact that the saw can power through the work, even when pinched, is no endorsement.


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        Great!!!I have been waiting for someone to post about this he gets grilled for his thoughts...we are not all professionals..and even a good saw in a rookies hands feels good or bad..I want to here about it...not saying he is a rookie or not..I still want to here his opinion...dont know if we will now.....


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          I've been using this saw regularly since January cutting mostly wet PT lumber I liked it when I bought it and still do. Good power, ease of adjustment & base. Possibly a tad heavy but not bad. Like the hard case and velcro cord wrap also, the stock blade is even good. After 5 months of use I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one.


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            Well I didn't have much time to write the first review but I was so impressed with the product I had to share a quick note. As far as improper use of the tool by binding the wood, well I don't cut wood in a garage and I don't have all day to cut the wood either, I have to put things together quick, the quicker I am the more jobs I can do and the more money I make so in turn I don't have time to properly support the wood in all cases and it does bind sometimes, as far as getting hurt yes you could get hurt from kickback but that is one risk of my profession. As far as my opinion yes it was an opinion when did I state I was a professional reviewer? I just shared my feelings of the saw, I use it everyday and used my porter-cable everyday and yes I still stick to my strong opinion that the RIDGID CS KICKS THE PORTER CABLE CS BUTT ALL AROUND except for tooless blade change.

            I have to run, I'm glad to see responses I thought my posts were invisible for a while there...


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              I haven't seen much said on the forum about the circular saw. I have had mine for about 6 months,and in that time,I have used it on only one project. A Swingset. I moved up from a 35 dollar skil 5150,so I don't have much to compare it with.
              On my swingset project,my saw performed flawlessly,I cut PT lumber and it never slowed down. I really like the thick black easy to see kerf line. I also like the thick aluminum base,along with its good overall feel. I believe that this saw will outlive me. Well see.
              I don't like the case. With the long cord,I find it very difficult to get the saw and cord back in its case,Ridgid could have spared a few more cubic inches of space in its case.
              My latest circular saw is an 18v Bosch (part of a combo).Say what you want about cordless circular saws, but this saw will cut 2 by,and anything I have given it to cut,but not as fast. It is sure tempting to grab the cordless! I think the days of good cordless circular saws are coming.


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                Actually I think if you look at the new Porter Cable Mag saws you will see the future. I think the big move will be in dust control/reduction.
                PC's new saw actually as a moveable spout that you can hook to a vac and catch the dust. I also noticed the new Ryobi saw has a slightly different approach but they to are trying to catch the dust.

                The German Festool is the one that is setting the pace and I think you are going to see the other manufactures rushing to catch up in technology.

                It is my understanding that many in Europe are using saws like the Festool and bypassing table saw altogether.
                Rev Ed