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K-380 at the local H.D.

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  • K-380 at the local H.D.

    I can pick up a somewhat used reconditioned 380 for about $350 at the local everything store. Not a pro, far from it, but want to run out the lines once a year and it seems like it might fit the task. Further and on a more immediate note, I seem to have a partial blockage too far down the line for the 1/4" power drill snake to handle and would like to blow that away. House on slab, city/city.

    At that price, mistake or not? Recommendations on the head to use? Probable obstruction: roll of tp and/or many sheets of wet wipes, nicely flushed down by my three year old.

    Also, how much is the auto feed generally, and, when it does come with all it's parts, is it a good value?