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    Not only has our local HD stopped carrying the BS1400, but they've stopped selling the parts for them as well. lists the bandsaw accessories, but you cannot add them to your cart. Does anyone know where we can go to get the accessories for the now discontinued tools that we already own? Can anyone suggest a decent aftermarket fence for the bandsaw that will fit the Ridgid table?

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    Dusthead...had the same problem. Ordered the mitre guage, nice fence, cool blocks by phone.
    This may be the number 1-866-539-1720. (


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      I have a RIDGID bandsaw rails and fence in great condition I would sell if interested. Please e-mail me at Thank you....I have numerous RIDGID tools and love them all!!


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        Hartville tools has a fence for the bs1400. It's called a fasttrak bandsaw fence. They didn't know if it would fit the ridgid bs, so they gave me the number of the manufacturer. The guy I spoke with was Mark Duginske, the author of several bandsaw books. He said anything out there for a 14 inch Jet will fit the Ridgid 1400. I purchased one the other day but haven't received it yet. Will post a reply when it is installed. The web site for hartville is


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          Isn't it cool when you can talk to a woodworking expert like Mark Duginske on the phone. I got a kick out of that when I found out his shop was in Wisconsin and he answers emails and phone calls. Lets not all rush to bother him though.



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            The HD in Stafford, VA has a riser block and fence for the BS1400. Give them a call I'm sure they could transfer them to another HD store for you. They were at a discount but I can't remember how much.



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              Thanks to all who replied to this post...I'm currently using a shop-made fence that is actually working out a lot better than I expected, and I may stick with that for a while. I have to let everyone know that I am VERY happy with this BS1400...for the money, it is one of the best bandsaws that I have used in recent years. Today I re-sawed a piece of 4/4 x 6" x 30" European lacewood to 1/2" thick and the Emerson motor and a 3/4" blade plowed through it like it was butter. My old Delta would have been coughing and getting warm about 10" into the piece.

              Now if they'd just come out with a cabinet/hybrid saw...