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  • Ridgid brad nailer

    I bought a ridgid brad nailer and it miss fires so I took it back and got another one it is also doing it too. Mikie

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    Brad Nailer

    Hi I have a Ridgid brad nailer and have to say I am more than satisfied with it. That is not to say its perfect but... I have a few PC brand and they constantly misfire . My ridgid is comfortable, I love the rotating inlet , and rotating holster . It feels right to me. The only issue i have on occasion is it may not sink a brad . Overall very please with all of my Ridgid tools ! Anthony


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      I have the straight finish nailer and it misfires on me when i don't let it recoil. The problem with mine was user error and after adjusting my air compressor and the drive depth on the nailer. It works just fine. If you've only had it for a few days you just need to get used to the feel of your tool. If it helps just turn the switch on the trigger from sequential to single fire. I can't think of any other solutions, those have worked for me.
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        Re: Ridgid brad nailer

        Mine has been jamming also.

        It will not drive the last 3 or 4 nails.....have to take them out.
        could this be a pressure issue? does not seem like it should be.

        How about the nomar pads. where do you get replacements. mine wore out on the 1st job. I was pressing very hard.

        Is Senco any better?

        thx JIm


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          Re: Ridgid brad nailer

          Perhaps try a different brand of brad nails. I usually buy Paslode or Senco fasteners and I've had good luck with them. I have mostly Porter-Cable pneumatic nailers and after several years of use, I don't remember the last time I had a jamb. The Ridgid nailers look and feel cheap to me...


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            Re: Ridgid brad nailer

            I also have the Ridgid 18ga brad nailer. I had some misfires at the first time using it. After READING THE MANUAL and adjusting the gun I have not had any misfires or jams.

            I find the information regarding the depth adjustment control lacking. I can rotate it say 10 clicks. I experimented at each click and various air pressure settings. I think I have the depth control set at the 7th click and I run about 90psi.

            I do not use the bounce function. I use the single shot setting. I also use good quality brads as some brands of brads do not work well with this nailer.

            you also just can't toss a strip of brads into the gun. you must carefully place them into the magazine and ensure the nail heads are pointing up! and the tips are resting evenly on the bottom of the magazine. Improper loading will cause misfires and jams. Also be sure the strip of brads you are loading are clean of any debris and not oily!

            I wonder how you can wear out the no mar pad?

            page 9 of the manual explains dry-fire lockout..when you are low in fasteners..say less than 5 brads the tool will not fire a nail and you need to reload.

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              Re: Ridgid brad nailer

              In another thread (don't remember which one) I said I thought the Ridgid 18g brad nailer felt cheap, etc, etc.
              My poor old PC BN200A finally bit the dust (how many times can you drop a nailer from the top of a ladder onto concrete before letting the ghost out of it? Answer: exactly one less time than I did!)
              Anyway, not being able to find one in stock anywhere, I went with the Ridgid R213BNA. I am quite impressed. It operates smoothly, has not had a single misfire under any circumstances. The driver seems to leave a smaller depression than the PC. Overall, I recommend it highly.

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