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TS3650 10" TS fence changable to an after market fence?

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  • TS3650 10" TS fence changable to an after market fence?

    Hello all! I am very interested in the ts3650 10" table saw. However I would like to change the fence somewhere down the road to a much higher quality after market brand such as a shop fox.

    My questions is, can this be done, or is it a one of a kind setup only for ridgid?

    Thanks very much

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    Most aftermarket fences should fit a standard size contractor saw (like the 3650). It's possible some drilling may be required, but cast iron drills quite easily.

    I'm not sure why you'd want to take this approach knowing that it will require a total cash outlay of nearly $850 (within cabinet saw range) for the equivalent of a Grizzly contractor saw with weaker motor, a lesser miter gauge, slightly better DC and a Herculift. The Herculift is currently on sale @ HD for $45. An equivalent miter gauge is about $50. It's a fairly expensive route for what you'd be getting. Just my opinion....

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      Why purchase this saw and then upgrade the fence?? You can buy the General with a better motor, fence, mitre gage, customer service. No need to say more.


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        If I didn't already have the TS3650, I would be looking hard at the new Craftsman 10" table saws. They are not shown on their web site yet nor are they in the stores, but you can see them in the Craftsman catalog on page 132, five new saws, including a 1-1/2HP, 3/4 cabinet saw with CI wings and a nice looking fence ($599.99). Also a full cab version, 1-3/4HP with a real Biesemeyer fence ($849.99). The cabinet saw also comes with a fold-up out-feed extension. All have 4" dust ports and all use a cabinet saw style mount for the trunion instead of hanging off the table.

        There's a one page write-up in the July issue of AWW on page 18 about these new saws too.


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          If the new Craftsman saws HP claims are as inflated as Sears' HP ratings on their air compressors are, I'd venture a guess that the new saws may be a tad underpowered.
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