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12" CSMS Dust Bag

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  • 12" CSMS Dust Bag

    I have the 12" Slider for over two months now and the bag is still EMPTY! The saw is great, I love it but nothing is going into the bag. Is this the case with all of them or do I have something wrong here?

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    Most miter saws are famous for their inability to catch sawdust. On that note, you should not have an empty bag. I'd check for some sort of blockage in the exhaust chute. My miter saw was also a very poor performer when it came to collecting sawdust until I hooked it up to my shop vac. The shop vac does a much better job of dust control than the bag ever did but still leaves an awful lot of dust behind. Ideally, a dedicated bench with a dust hood, hooked up to a dust collector, would take care of the problem, if you have the room.
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