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    To evry theaf out there, I aint no spring chichin but am still good to give some one, a second thought to take from me agian, if he is still up and running !!!

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    Be safe out there folks
    Bob B


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      Sparkette Why would my coowrkers that have an 18v Milwaukee drill want to use my Ridgid drill. I'll admit the v28 would be nice since if would have more power, but how about the batteries, my co-workers don't like how it is hard to get them off your tool. I like Ridgid better than Dewalt because of the batteries. Dewalt, Ryobi, Makita, Hitachi, and Bosch all have that battery style I dislike. My old droped his dewalt battery through a sink. The battery had been used so much one of the clips came off. The battery charge was fine but he had to use tape to keep the battery in. ridgid batteries are better since you can change the battery with one hand.

      As a general Contractor you should know enough about tools to know that tool is for what job. If i had to drill through metal a lot then i used a corded drill. But if i only do a few I'll use my Ridgid. A cordless tool should never be used to do the work of a corded tool.

      Take care of you tools and some save money.
      "Diplomacy is saying nice dodging until you can find a rock." Will Rogers
      "If a Monkey can do your job, are you in the right profession?


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        I'm just a weekend hack, but the Pro's that rebuilt the second floor of my house after Katrina fell in love with my 4 pc combo & impact driver.

        They had the 18V Dewalt tools and still used mine. I took them away after a week and they went to Home Depot & bought TWO combo kits (right after cashing my check). The whole job took almost 6 weeks, but they were still using the RIDGID stuff when they finished...


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          OKAY, it is 2 months into owning the 18v 922 kit (with the impact by mail-in) and I have just gotten my approval for lifetime warranty. I have whipped these tools and am ready to write a contractor review. I am a homebuilder/GC/remodeler/deckbuilder/you pay me, ill work. I BEAT my tools. I just got rid of my yellow 18v XRP drill because it ate 2 gearsets this summer building decks (lag bolts on 6x6 posts-lagging the corner cripples in). I have broken just about EVERYTHING except my Milwaukee sawzall, so I am well qualified to let you know about the abuse these tools will take. The package was nice, and despite coming in a purse that you have to be a jigsaw master to fit everything in to it it okay.

          The batteries and charger-the batteries IMO are the worst part of this package. Although better than ryobi (I had an employee show up with that dogcrap) are no match for any other contractor NiCD powered line. The need a 3 port charger and 5 batteries to keep up with DeWalt w/ 1 charge port and 2 batteries. The charger is okay, and does only take about 30 MIN, IF your battery is cool. It can take up to 30 mins to cool then down-factor this in with the quick discharge and you have the makings for a headache.

          Drill-I am VERY impressed with this. Although, I have the impact and no longer need to drive lags with this, I still mixed thinset up with a 8" paddle to make sure this drill gets its full trial. I have still thrown a few lags in when I had the bag in the truck and just used the drill instead of the impact too. This drill performs as it should-100% It does not have the 3 speed settings that my XRP had, but its 1st gear has the power to mix up a 5 gallon bucket 1/4 full of mortar to be used on a wall with mosiac tile, so this stuff was peanut butter. 2nd gear has the spped to drill holes. Again, it went through batteries, but we already talked about that.

          Impact-Well, this thing seems to work just fine, I can drill a 1/4" pilot hole and send a 10" lag bolt thru 2 6X6 posts and no groans, complains, just work. Battery seems to last a good amount of time with this tool.

          Recip saw-okay, my old 10 year old milwaukee has been off the truck 1 time in the two months I have owned this kit. I ran out of batteries, and needed to finish my demo. This tool does not bog, complain, smoke or do anything bad. I have done some pretty good demo work with this and never had any problems with the tool except that it goes thru batteries.

          circular saw-WOW, I laughed when I first saw this, but it works really, really well. I had a situation where I had 3 pieces of hardwood plywood that were nailed together to a floor and I had to cut down along the floor joists (bathroom-somebody put the plywood there where there used to be a mortar bed), and no problems. Went through a battery about every 20 feet, but it actually was able to do it-I was impressed. For doing light work, like framing a wall, or cutting a couple of sheets of plywood, this saw is fine-100%

          light-nice to have on the truck-I lost about 45 flashlights in the last year it seems. This has a specific place, and it comes back into the bag after every job.

          Honestly, I hope that as time goes on, these guys will improve their batteries, and this set will be a set as good as any other on the market at any price. I will probably buy a 2nd drill off ebay to have a backup for when I break this drill-hopefully, it will come with 2 batteries!


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            Plywood box for tools

            Originally posted by imported_wbrooks
            If anyone is interested I will email them instruction for making a hard case with plywood and expanding foam. The only drawback is your tools will be out of service for a few days while the foam fully cures to ensure that the tool shape is maintained while it expands. The file is 3.5 Meg and prints nicely, scanned at 150 DPI
            Please email me the instructions at Thanks!