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durability of rigid 18v hammdrill/driver

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  • durability of rigid 18v hammdrill/driver

    i have had 2 dewalt 18 hamm drills in the past 2 1/2 years, one smoked, one clutch. i tend to put the drills through a lot. i recently purchaced a ridgid combo kit. after reading some of the posts i am beginning to get even more sceptical about my purchace of a newly developed product line. ive had luck with dewalt but obviously am considering other brands. is the milwaukee a better machine? will this ridgid last? help!

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    Most of the tools in the Ridgid line have been around for over two years now so I'm not quite sure what you mean by "newly developed product line". I see that you registered about two years ago so, if you've been lurking all this time, I'm sure you've noticed that the number of complaints about the Rigid tools have gone down as time has gone by. Any new line of anything will have some bugs in it but by and large it appears that Ridgid has made changes to correct those bugs whenever they have been brought to their attention. Have any of the tools in the Ridgid combo kit you purchased not worked the way they're supposed too?

    As far as Milwaukee is concerned, they make excellent tools. But then again, so do a number of different companies, including DeWalt. Not knowing exactly how you use your tools makes it difficult to say whether or not you'll have any better luck with a different brand than you've been having with DeWalt. You stated that you "put the drills through a lot" so my gut tells me that you probably won't have any better luck with other brands than you've had with DeWalt.
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      Is Milwaukee better than Dewalt? Is a Hummer a better off road vehicle than a Dodge Dart?

      Ridgid makes great pipe threading equipment and excellent hand tools for the piping trades. The other tools are made by slaves in communist China. If you buy the tools Ridgid makes for themselves you are buying some of the best tools money can buy. If you buy the tools that only have the name stamped on them, you are rolling dice.

      Ridgids cordless have now been out for two years, as BadgerDave has mentioned. They have had a very rocky start. Will they last or will Ridgid decide to protect its name and no longer allow them to bare their name? Who knows?

      Even if it causes me to get barred from the site I would reccomend for you to buy Ridgids plumbing tools and their pipe machines but to stay with Big Reds portable electric power tools. MHO

      Ten years from now, if Ridgids portable electric tools have proven reliable for the long haul, under heavy and hard use, then we can write about their durability.
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