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K-380 AutoFeed Problems

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  • K-380 AutoFeed Problems

    New K-380 Autofeed (Ridgid Cat#87337-Autofeed) keeps coming with missing parts (Ridgid Cat#44077-Bearings). Makes AutoFeed Unit useless for use with K-380 Drum Snake. Might as well buy the bearings yourself than try to get it resolved thru Ridgid. Without bearings, autofeed will not gripe 1/2" OD cable, will only grip&rip 7/8" cable.

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    For a kitchen sink machine like this, I would just as well hand feed it anyway. A main line machine yeh, gimme an auto-feed, but on this?

    And don't you mean 3/8 cable instead of 7/8?


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      Looks like you are the people I should ask - I can pick up a somewhat used reconditioned 380 for about $350 at the local everything store. Not a pro, far from it, but want to run out the lines once a year and it seems like it might fit the task. Mistake or not? Also, how much is the auto feed generally, and, when it does come with all it's parts, is it a good value?


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        Re: K-380 AutoFeed Problems

        The K-380 is a decent machine for smaller lines but when you get into Main Sewer Backups it really doesn't have the power to get through tough clogs. Very good for Kitchen sink backups and lines up to about 3" as long as it's not too bad of a backup. I am looking into a bigger stronger setup currently myself because the K-380 doesn't cut it when trying to clear a main sewer line! Auto feed is nice to have and they are usually about 130 to 199 for that unit. Ridgid ran a promotion a while back if you bought the K400 you would get a free auto feed which works on both units.