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14V impact driver verdict??

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  • 14V impact driver verdict??

    has any one got the new ridgid 14V impact driver yet, i am curious about its build/performance.

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    Yes anyone reply about the 14volt impact driver.


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      on a related topic the dewalt 14V impact driver is doing for me. i've been screwing point tip screw on 20 gage metal track and stud on a day to day basis and the tools has taken plenty of punishment i some times even go through two layers of 20 gage stuff (track, stud, sheet, flat strap ...) without a hitch.

      by the way if anyone is wondering i am not a big fan of dewalt. a matter of fact every other dewalt tools i have ever own have been very disappointing.

      [ 01-05-2005, 10:30 PM: Message edited by: Ralf ]


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        So why did you buy it then?


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          I just bought the impact driver at HD . After getting it home i discovered it only comes with one battery even though the store said two. It does have a place for a spare one in the case however so i drove back to the store to see if it had been stolen (25 mile drive) They sold me a spare 14 volt battery . When i tried to put it in the case i discovered it diden't fit so back to thr store to only discover they don't have any the right size as it is a odd size . I was informed the special order could take forever and cost more than the larger size battery i bought from them . So being obstinate i cut the case to fit the battery problem partially solved . Moral of the story Ridgid parts supply sucks (ps i have a number of other ridgid tools and found this supply problem before}


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            I bought the 14.4 ridgid impact a couple months ago. I am a professional mechanic and use it daily. I also own the Makita 14.4 impact driver. The reason I got the Ridgid was that is has 1400 vs 1150 inch lbs of torque. also owning the 18v ridgid 4 tool set i wanted the single charger. I am happy with the tool itself and it actually seems to be more sturdy than the makita. I now use the makita for home. I agree they should have 2 batteries. I got a 2nd one from ebay. Yeah it sucks they dont carry both styles in Home Depot. I also wish the Right angle driver was the same 14.4 not 12V if they make it in 14.4 I will buy one.
            It is a bit heavier than the makita but headwise it is the same length. I have not had any problems thus far.


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              Originally posted by packers:

              So why did you buy it then?
              to answer your question, i bought it because a coworker of mine used the same dewalt impact driver with good results, the tool took a hell of beating without falling apart.