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14 inch bandsaw

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  • 14 inch bandsaw

    I purchased 14in. bandsaw from Home Depot in early Sept and immediately ordered the riser kit that was listed in the accessories catalogue and I am still waiting and it is now Jan.15th. I have contacted Ridgid repeatedly. I have asked if there is another brand of riser kit that will fit the Ridgid bandsaw and no one can tell me. Ridgid technician didn't know. Any ideas?

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    Do a search of other posts. I have one specificly on this issue. They are at least 1 month behind on backorder of this part and have just pushed it back another month. I don't think that we know for sure if they are going to continue making the riser. I believe a couple other bandsaw owners were looking for other alternatives to ridgid risers. May want to check that post for detailas.